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Beverage Trailer Renovation Part 2

Beverage Trailer Renovation Part 2

So we added a few things like a set of baby moons. I want to paint the wheels white, I think that will show up better. We need to get the galvanized tubs and will probably need to make stands for them. When that’s done I’ll do a final post.

Since we added plugs we are considering setting a generator on the tounge and this will plug in. If we are at a venue that had an outlet nearby, we can just plug into any 110 outlet. I took a cabinet door from a set I rounded up from someone who was redoing their kitchen. I did a chalkboard finish so we could add a menu or use it for an announcement board. It actually opens as well if you need so air or just to add an open feel.

The baby moons, soon well paint the wheels white.
Had to add tail lights, now we need to get it registered.
Beverage Trailer Renovation

Beverage Trailer Renovation

I’m bad at going in order with my photos, but I’ll try my best. I usually don’t sit down to post until the job is already completed, oh well.

We started with a tiny $200 enlisted trailer that want even 5 ft tall inside. After several bumps on the head a asked my husband if the roof could be raised and well………

The original beast

I originally intended to use this trailer at vendor and market events formy essential oil business. Like I said you couldn’t stand up in the thing, we kept bumping our heads putting things in and out of it. As you can see in the pictures there were bolted rivets right in the middle and all the way around. I started removing them……..

Bolts removed and we took off the top half.

Then I started thinking this could be something…………….I envisioned an ice cold beverage trailer. My idea came after I saw an add for the Pour Horse Bar. You can see it at www.thepourhorse.com and it’s kind of like this..

I put that in there so you can see where my idea is going. I’m not going to do coffee, I just see a cold beverage unit. Galvanized tubs filled with ice to hold your own beverages, soda, beer, wine, even kegs. Whatever you want to Pitt in it for your guests is your business, we just provide the ice!

Birthday, reunion, bachelorette party, family gathering, the event ideas are unlimited. So how am I going to put this together? My husband’s a welder by trade so 4 steel posts and let’s raise the roof!

Then I had a pair of 100 year old doors I got very cheap. They used to be in the Karnes County Courthouse. They had several cigars of paint on them that needed to be removed first. We needed to make sure they would fit first. My husband had an old piece of piano hinge, so here we go.

Perfect fit, just needed to take about 4 inches off the bottom.

Now to take them off and get rid of lots of paint. I wanted them stained. Boy, that was days and days of stripping and sanding.

Chemical process of paint removal.
They turned out quite well, stained and coated with outdoor poly.

I found an old Ford door on facebook and it was a rusty old thing. A bit of rusty removal and paint. It fit perfectly!

Primed for paint

I decided we might have a need for electrical plugs. Maybe for lights or a margarita machine or two!

My husband is good at painting and well, he has all the stuff to do it and we had white paint.

I had an idea for a roof, a little rustic, rusty metal and wood, and an a-frame style.

Then it was time to put the roof on. Went smoothly, we had to add a bit of trim and a soffit to finish out off. Then on to complete the inside with a floor I got for free and wood siding I got for free as well. Most of the wood forThis project was free from some pallets I took apart so I can’t complain. The floor was from a lady renovating her bedroom and she have me her oldstuff. It was nice, really heavy duty vinyl wood look planks.

Chinese Noodle Soup with Sliced Leeks

Chinese Noodle Soup with Sliced Leeks

Chinese Noodle Soup


6 cups broth, can be beef, chicken or vegetable

2 – 3 servings dried Chinese egg noodles

2  eggs

1/4 medium onion, chopped

1 leek stalk

4 cloves garlic

thumb size ginger piece

1/2 cup chopped cooked beef, shrimp or chicken if desired

salt and pepper to taste


To prepare broth wrap ginger and garlic in cheese cloth and drop into pot, add sliced onion and salt and pepper to taste.  Bring to a boil, then simmer while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Boil water and prepare chinese noodles as per instructions, drain and set aside. Boil two eggs, peel and slice in half, chop meat if desired, set aside. Take the leek stalk and cut off the leafy top, cut into thin strips lengthwise, set aside. Take the larger bottom section of the leek and slice at an angle, place immediately into simmering soup and remove cheese cloth containing ginger and garlic, you can toss it now.

Place noodles in bowl, add meat if desired and half an egg, ladle hot broth over the bowl, sprinkle a few of the leek strips over the top.  Salt and pepper to taste.  This is an easy and quick recipe.  You can used left over meat from a previous meal to add in, I don’t like wasting food.  this is something I might make after I’ve cooked a chicken or had steak the night before and just couldn’t eat it all.  Or you know that time you cook almost all the shrimp however, there are a few left in the freezer?  Grab them and throw them in delicious soup.

Fireplace starters??


For those of you who truly know me I am very frugal, I reuse and recycle to the best of my ability.  I am always looking for new ways to use things I keep.  I tend to not throw many things away, he, it could be useful one day.


For those of you who are in Young Living can I ask you a question???  What do you do with your cardboard tubes that the bottles are packed in??  I’m going to show you a handy useful tip right here and all you need is a fireplace, cardboard tubes and used office paper, newspaper or any recycled unwanted paper.  


I happen to save the paper from our printer when we oops, print too many copies, or just plain mistake sheets.  Yes, I pile them up all throughout the year waiting for the cold weather to arrive. I am going to show you how to use the paper with your cardboard tubes to make fire/starter or kindling some may call it.  I actually use the word fire starters because to me kindling is wood.


So here is what I do.  First of all I take some of the unwanted paper and squish it up, pretty tight and in a long fashion like this:

 The reason being is so that I can easily stuff the twisted paper into the tubes, I use 2 or 3 of them and push it into the tube pretty tightly, leaving a bit sticking out on each end so they are easy to light.


Like shown here          

I think by now you may be beginning to see what I am up to!  Yep, I do loads of these and it takes just a few short minutes a day to get 50 – 60 of them ready.

I have a box beside my fireplace so we can easily grab a few when we need to light a fire.                                                                                         


It’s simple and easy to place a few under the grate of wood, light the ends and there ya go!  Very I easy and useful I would say.  None of those chemically made fire starters they sell at the home improvement stores, no harsh fumes and best of all FREE!!

Here’s a picture of them beginning to start up my nice glowing fire this evening.  They do an excellent job I might add!



Beef Bone Broth

BEEF Bone Broth

Isn’t this lovely!!  Look at the color, nice and golden.  A lot of people call it “Liquid Gold”.  Why you might ask?  Well, it is very healthy not to mention delicious!!  Whether it is beef or poultry stock, consuming a warm cup of home made bone broth can be beneficial to our skin, bones and overall wellness.  There are a lot of great things in there like collagen for instance, that is great for healthy skin.

And the great thing about home made is that you can begin with organic grass fed beef or free range poultry and get an even healthier broth for your family without any added chemicals and salt, yuck!

To begin with may I suggest a nice roast like my BEST Prime Rib and save the bones.  I use a 6 qt instant, electric pressure pot.  You can buy these on AMAZON, they are great time saving gadgets that are a must for any cooks kitchen.  I will blog more on that later, but it is one of my favorite things!

I add 4-6 cups water to my instant pot, place the bones in there, cover, lock and cook for 90 minutes.  Look!!  Is that not beautiful or what??  Now you can heat a cup each morning and enjoy, add noodles, some veggies, use it for soups, gravy or even mix in with your mashed potatoes or rice dishes for an added flavor.

A nice golden broth, ready to be filtered and poured into containers.  I use a very fine meshed strainer to catch any particles that may be in the stock, which won’t hurt, it only makes it look ugly.

Some people may as an option add seasonings to the broth if you know you are going to use it for a specific thing, like Italian seasoning for instance.  I personally don’t because I want the option to be able to use it for whatever I want and season it later.

Want great hair?

Want great hair?

Want great hair?

Try this DIY hair mask using essential oils.FB_IMG_1472244088293

I just love coconut oil and all its benefits. Using in my hair is just one of the many ways I use it.

Remember if you need to stock up on oils, or maybe you haven’t started using them yet contact me right away. I can start you out with a wholesale membership that saves 24% everyday. Plus, we have a great rewards program that allows you to get free product monthly, loyalty gifts and special rewards program only perks.

Check it out here:


DIY Mayo

DIY Mayo


  • 1 large egg
  • half a medium lemon, juiced (approximately 1 Tablespoon)
  • ½ teaspoon dijon mustard
  • ¾ teaspoon kosher salt
  • ¼ teaspoon ground white pepper
  • 1 cup light olive oil


  1. Begin by placing all ingredients in a wide mouth mason jar of other tall, cylinder shaped container. I generally use the one that came with my immersion blender.Make sure the white pepper is not clumped up and let the ingredients sit for a minute or two until the oil rises to the top.
  2. Place the immersion blender in so that it sits firmly on the bottom of the container. Set it to the highest speed and turn on. Do NOT pull the blender up or out, just allow it to sit at the bottom of the container. The mayo will emulsify and begin creeping up the sides.
  3. Once most of the mixture has emulsified and looks like mayo (less than a minute!), you can begin to move the immersion blender up and down to incorporate any oil that is sitting on the top.
  4. Place in a container with a lid, keep refrigerated and use up within one week.
  5. I often add a twist to the mayo if I am making something special like these suggestions:
    1. add some Jalapenos if you want some spicy burgers
    2. add garlic and italian seasoning and put n bread for the oven
    3. add Tapitio sauce to taste and what a kicker!
    4. add whatever you want, experiment, play with it!

DIY Shampoo

DIY Shampoo


This non toxic all natural 4 ingredients shampoo is great!  My hair is so soft and shiny after using it for over 3 months.


4 oz. distilled Water

4 oz. Aloe Vera Gel (I get mine here without Vitamin E) or this one, which is a bit cheaper but, contains Vitamin E.

2 oz.   Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Unscented Castille Soap (I get mine here)

5 drops each of Rosemary, Lavender and Cedarwood essential oils(I get mine here)  if you have flaky dry scalp, add 5 drops Tea Tree oil, for a moisturizing fuller body shampoo add a tablespoon of avocado oil to the aloe gel and shake to mix BEFORE ADDING REMAINING ingredients.  You may need to shake gently before each use if oil separates.

Watch this video for instructions on how to mix.



Humming Bird Feeder using recycled Ningxia Red bottles

Humming Bird Feeder using recycled Ningxia Red bottles


I tried using Periscope and for the last half the sound did not work so I had to resort to doing the ending again and editing/joining the two with YouTube so here is the instructional video for those who are interested.

You can make a single bottle feeder by just using one bottle.

you will need:

Empty Glass Bottle

Wire cutters

Needle nose pliers

Bling or as I call it a little sum-umm, sum-umm(optional)

12 Gauge aluminum(copper colored wire)I get mine here. Use a bit more than 5 ft. per bottle

Feeder tubes, I get mine here

Natural Hummingbird Nectar I get mine here. Please don’t use the red type, it has dye in it and I wouldn’t want the hummingbirds ingesting it.  Thank you and the birds thank you, too!


Watch this video by clicking here and it will make more sense.  But, take your 5+ foot of wire and begin at the neck of the bottle and wrap around taking the end and wrapping a few times to hold, continue wrapping the wire up the bottle, go from the neck to the bottom and make sure that the wires cross in a few places.  Bring the wire loose end back up and under some of the points where the wires cross and wrap a couple times through to make it hold a bit better.  Do this in 2-3 crossing areas, finally ending at the top(actually the bottle base, but it is the top when upside down).  Take the loose end and com up and over to make a hanger and find a place on the other side to loop it around the last circle of wire around the bottle.

**NOTE: I like to bling up my feeders so I use recycled broken jewelry, buttons, etc, and as you wrap the wire find opportunity to wrap on a little bling!

Mix your nectar and fill the bottle.

Insert the feeder tube VERY securely or all the nectar will be lost.

If you want to make a trio of feeders make three of these and then take about a foot of wire and run it under and around three of the bottle together.  Make sure the Red Wolfberry side of the bottle is facing out and the ingredient side faces towards the inside.  After securing the 3 bottle together, take the 3 loop hangers at the top and just twist them all together! Voila!  Now go quickly and put them up and watch nature do it’s work.


It’s a super ANTIOXIDANT fruit filled supplemental drink for the whole family!  Energize and fortify while supporting the immune system.  For a detailed ingredient list click here.

Ningxia 1 Ningxia2





If you would like to get your own bottle of Ningxia Red contact me or click here to find out more!


Easy, quick and inexspensive – DIY Thieves Wipes

Easy, quick and inexspensive – DIY Thieves Wipes

Here is a video of my home made Thieves Wipes, to watch it click here.

thieves wipes


Paper towel roll cut n half with a serrated knife

1/2 – 1 C distilled or boiled water

1 TbsThieves Cleaner Concentrate

1 Gallon Zip top bag

A few smaller zip bags to store them in and around the house.


Cut the Paper towel roll in half with the serrated knife, you may need scissors to clean up the rough edges if needed.  Pull out the inner cardboard tube.

Put the half roll into the 1 gallon zip top bag.  Mix the Thieves Concentrate Cleaner in the water and pour into the bag and let set overnite to absorb.  You may need to add 1/4 – 1/2 more water if they seem too dry the next day, all the paper towel brands absorb differently.

Separate a few sheets into smaller bags and keep one under the bathroom sink for counters, mirrors, faucets, shower doors.  Keep a few under the kitchen sink for counters, hands, faucets, or wiping down the refrigerator both inside and out. Throw a small bag in your purse for on the go to use on dirty table tops, toilet seats, door handles or hands.

Of course I get my Thieves products through Young Living and if you would like to find out how to get yours click here!