Lotion Bars – Outdoor Pest Away- In the Sun

I find these very handy and easy to make.  I put them into tins or glass jars and take them with me when we are enjoying the outdoors.  I give the basic lotion bar recipe and below that you will find what oils I include for an outdoor pest away bar and an outside in the sun bar.


1 Cup raw and unrefined cacao or shea butter (I buy shea butter here) and (cacao butter here)

1 Cup virgin cold pressed organic coconut oil (I purchase this one)

1 Cup beeswax pellets, I buy this locally in 1 lb bars and grate it up and pack it well into a 1 cup measuring cup.  You can find pellets on AMAZON or, contact your local honey maker and ask them if you can purchase their beeswax.

Essential oils (I only recommend these for their purity and therapeutic properties)


Melt all of the above in a double boiler, or place a pot into another pot of boiling water on medium heat.

Let the oils cool slightly before putting in the essential oils, if the mixture is too hot, it destroys the therapeutic benefits.  I add around 30 drops of essential oils and mix in with a whisk.

Pour into candy molds like these pretty ones

Decorative molds

or silicone ice cube trays, like these from

Square molds

AMAZON. Let them completely cool before removing them.


Follow the above recipe and use 30 drops of Citronella essential oil


Follow the above recipe and use 15 drops of Carrot seed essential oil and 15 drops Lavender essential oil

**I only recommend one type of essential oil because I know their distillation process and purity.  Young Living has a Seed to Seal Guarantee