Jan 3, Update

Why oh why did they use so much caulking. We sepent hours scraping and grinding and spraying on paint removers to try to soften up all the stuff. Rolled up the siding to fix and straighten up the flooring. The flooring was put down using 1/2 plywood, a nice sanded type too, however, they didn't square up the front so it made the back out of square. Of course we already squared up the front, now just to square up the back and we can seal her up again.


You can also see that the flooring was sticking out way past the side framing. this had to be cut of and squared up. We had to do the same to the front left corner of the trailer as well, it was way out of square. All the caulking was overkill on this little baby because there was plenty of butyl tape applied before these moldings were tightened down.  Now we need to scrape all of that off as well and get a new roll.  But, we expected that.

Now that is a much better fit! A little bit of grinding to straighten things up and we are about ready to strip all this molding and put it back on. First we need to address all the little holes covered by tape all over the darn thing.  I guess they thought tape would be a good fix, however it did nothing but cause us a headache. It wasn’t just taped, but a coating of roof patch was laid under all the tape, that stuff is a mess to try to get off.

That ugly spot right there is where they had put some of the roof patch and covered with a 4 inch wide tape. It was crazy trying to get that tape off, why they did this we don’t know. They taped up every seam.

Then  there  are  all  these  holes.  Holes  where  they  just  decided  to  poke  some  type  of  sharp  instrument  in  the  siding  to  make  way  for a  wire  or  something.

This is what it looked like inside when we had the back sheet of siding rolled up. Well, things are coming along, let’s just say, slowly, but steady wins the race correct? After much discussion we have decided to just gut the old gal, remove all the windows, and mouldings, get rid of all of the caulking that goes on forever and ever and put her back together.  We will be putting on a new coat of paint and probably painting the inside white. 

So, you can see a bit of the inside here. They did do a good job of insulating with 2″ foam board. However, they sprayed expanding foam into every nook and cranny they found, again overkill, like the caulking.  A lot of the expanding foam cause more harm than good. It spread out siding in places it didn’t need to be pushed out, made things move out of square, made the door severely out of being level so much that it rubbed on the bottom and had a 2 inch gap at the top. Thankfully we were able to straighten that out after we scraped out a majority of the spray foam.  That stuff is good when used properly, but you can’t spray endlessly into cracks and crevices because that stuff travels and will push out anything loose or improperly fitted.

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