Welcome to Things That Warm the Heart – yep, another work from home, mom boss, bored old lady or I don’t got nothing better to do blog! But, on a serious note, I am very passionate about[read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] ridding people’s lives of TOXINS; mine as well as yours if you’ll give me a few minutes I am going to tell you some hard truth.  Yes, I’m talking to you! So, if ridding your life of TOXINS sound foreign to you, then please read on. I share about all of that her; how you can live healthy and well, easy and delicious cook from scratch recipes, cuz’ nobody has time to cook right? I’m living in the country and if that doesn’t bring life’s challenges try getting chased and spurred by an angry, although pretty, rooster some day, OUCH! This is serious stuff here and if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired or just want to know what I mean when I say I’m trying to live TOXIC FREE in a TOXIC WORLD, then go ahead and read my ramblings I am confident you will find something here to complain about or maybe laugh about, I’m sure I’ll give you something to ponder at least.[/read]

 If you want to pass all this fluff and get straight to the kitchen and start cooking up some grub, just scroll down to the bottom for some really cute buttons with links to some easy and delicious recipes.

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Insomnia, brain fog, infertility, exhaustion, moodiness, easily stressed and unable to handle those stressful situations? Kids out of control, problems in school, poor grades and more?  If this sounds like you then keep on reading my friend, men, women and children are full of TOXINS these days causing sickness and disease.  Is your life horrible and are you ready for a change for the better, lord knows it can’t get any worse right?  

TOXINS in our home, at the workplace, in the environment, our food, they are everywhere lurking in the most subtle way and in the most sneakiest and unknown places. Yes, what I am about to tell you may be shocking[read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] and this may be the first time you have heard the truth, but all of those symptoms and more are side effects of TOXIC overload.  I’m going to tell you where they are, I am going to tell you what the FDA doesn’t want you to know, I am going to give you some hard truths and ways you can change things. TOXINS can be identified and removed so you can put an end to unexplained weight gain, moodiness, exhaustion, insomnia, sleepless nights can be a thing of the past. You can have freedom for a debilitating way of life, from loads of pharmaceuticals, freedom from all the things that are holding you back from having the life you always dreamed of.  Freedom to have fun, to go places and do things, to have harmony in your homes, to get a good nights rest again.  I bet you thought that was a thing of the past.  That was me at one time, but I got out of that lifestyle and now I am enjoying freedom that I thought was only in the past.

I’m a mom, wife, sister, and daughter, I want more for my kids, a better life fro my sister and brother, and I would like to think my mom could live until 120 I’d really like her around for as long as possible.  We had already lost my baby sister to a toxic overload of pharmaceuticals, poor eating habits and a sedentary life. I hope you don’t ever have to experience that! Mom’s aren’t supposed to bury their 38 year old children, it’s just not right.  I changed my ways, I found answers to some serious problems, I said no to living like everyone else.  I said no to TOXIC chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  You can make some small changes and there is no time like the present.  Don’t wait until you get really sick to start, start now because if you don’t read about these TOXINS trust me the day will come when you get some bad news, or your life will be so bad you won’t know what to do, you will be incapable of making an informed decision and will be making decisions based on horrible symptoms.A lot of marriages can’t survive the effects of TOXIC overload like infertility, hormone imbalance, emotional imbalance and other sickness. You don’t have to be like the millions of other people who walk around medicated and in a fog just to get through the day.  That was me, trust me there is a better way.

I want to be around until a nice old age of about 120 and be healthy too, not in a care home. Do you know where you are going to spend your last days?  Sick, in a bed, hooked up to machines?? No body wants that, but what if I told you that there is a possiblity you could make your old age better right now? It’s never too early to begin cleaning up your body and lifestyle. There are a few simple things you can do to rid yourself of a few TOXIC habits.

My personal goal is to do my best to live an organic, whole and natural life. Trust me, a little bit at a time and baby steps is all it takes to get on the road to wellness.

I live in the country of South Central Texas on 7 acres. I garden, raise chickens ,dogs, cats, goats and humans.  I like to post meal plans, cooking demos,recipes and dinner ideas.

Many people don’t realize the effects that everyday toxins have on their life, home and family, pets too! Things like FORMALDEHYDE, SLS, PHALATES, Artificial Fragrances and coloring all have horrible side effects on our bodies.  Both emotionally and physically. Side effects like headaches, hormone imbalance, thyroid troubles, adrenal fatigue and depression can all be caused by environmental toxins.  Many of these toxins are in our everyday product use like shampoos, lotions, makeup and perfumes.  Then we have household cleaners, laundry soap, laundry softener, air sprays, melts and candles contributing to the toxic environment we live in.

I suffered from all of the effects, including weight gain and sleepless nights. Doctors were happy to put me on a long list of pills to help me get through life, but I was not happy with the thought of that and can I say “more side effects!” NO THANK YOU! I was determined to find out what was causing me to have such a horrid life, feeling like I was 80 years old and only being in my 40’s, but I had no energy.  Doing some research resulted in some horrifying discoveries.  It wasn’t just obvious things like cleaners and chemicals I used against bugs, or in my garden, these chemicals were also found in the foods I ate! One of the biggest offenders on my table was HFCS, (CLICK the highlighted orange to read about it) and other toxins here. I knew I had to do something and fast.[/read]

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You can live TOXIC FREE in a TOXIC WORLD

I seem to think to think so, at least I do my best to find out how I can. Little by little like peeling and onion I dig deep and find TOXINS lurking around where I never thought they would be.  Little by little I am getting rid of things I find that contain TOXINS from food all the way down to my underwear. Yep, I found out my undies were killing me!  Fabric laden with petro chemicals next to my lady garden all day,[read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] TOXIC clothes on top of that, toxic towels I had just showered with and then I slept among TOXIC bedding and on a very TOXIC mattress. So wonder I was fatigued, walking around with brain fog, illness, unexplained weight gain, hormone imbalance and more.

I started my clean life journey by first cleaning out my home of all recognizable toxins.  I use essential oils and supplements to keep myself and my family healthy and well. You don’t have to garden, live in the country or raise animals to eat clean.  It’s easy, peasy and I’d like to show you how you can do it too!  No matter where.  From your apartment or condo or maybe a luxury mansion.  It doesn’t matter, we all want to live long healthy lives right? You can get a little more information about chemicals and the effects they have on our lives by clicking here.I also have a health and wellness coaching practice using the MEPS form of coaching which stands for Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.  I believe that health and wellness needs to be balanced among all four of these areas in order to truly live well. I help people to be well from the outside i and the inside out.

Let me help you start your journey to health,  healing and wellness.  Phone, email and live video consultations are available as well as local, in person sessions.  Coaching from the inside out and the outside in.  Let me guide you on your journey to wellness and inner healing today!

I have an Aromatherapy practice and French Medicinal Medicine certification through the School for Aromatic Studies.  I have completed 1500+ hours covering aromatherapy use in the home through diffusing, internal and topical applications.  I’d be more than happy to get you started on a road to wellness using aromatherapy.  I often use the two certifications along with the wellness coaching sessions hand in hand to bring a person to a life of overall health and wellness, from the inside out and to the outside in.[/read]

Essential oils saved my marriage

You know why I say that?  Because I was mentally and hormonally unbalanced.  I was having symptoms of menopause and very hard to live with.  In other words I was a :beach:  and I didn’t come with sand and sunsets. It was quite the opposite with hot flashes, anger, moodiness and tears.

Truthfully I had some essential oils in my bathroom cabinet and they were just purely purchased to scent my bath water.  The thought of a few drops of oil doing anything for my health or wellness sounded like VOODOO to me, LOL I was the biggest skeptic[read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] to any therapeutic value whatsoever.

I have not only been able to replace my home of nasty TOXINS with clean non-toxic products, but I have been fortunate enough to keep my families wellness quite a bit above the norm.  Yep, when people are hacking and sneezing, we just go merrily along and remain well.  I haven’t needed a doctor for any illness in over 4 years.  I don’t get any vaccines for flu or pneumonia either.  I am not however, telling you to stop taking any medications or to not get any vaccines, that is purely a choice you need to make for yourself.  I am just sharing my story with you. It took me a good 6 years of research and deciding what was good for my health and what would help me stay above the wellness line when everyone else was falling far below with sickness and disease.  You can do that too, wait 6 years, or cut right to the chase and see what I did and get some help and support right here from me.

Little did I know that not only would these tiny bottles help my overall wellness, but lift my emotions and keep my hormones happy! I am still discovering new ways they help me everyday.  They are great in the sheets too! I’ve got a book to share all about how to use essential oils to help you sleep, oh and that other thing you may do in the bedroom too…….you know, the hokey pokey.  Yea, they help there as well.

When I started my health and wellness journey to rid my home and family of nasty TOXINS trust me, I tried a whole bunch of different oil brands.  Young Living brand was the ONLY oil that provided any success for my family and I. If you choose not to use Young Living branded products, you can still begin a journey of TOXIC FREE living, but please search to find TOXIC free products to replace the TOXINS in your home.  I chose Young Living for me, so of course that is what I talk about and what my family uses daily.  I help anyone who asks me no matter what your goals for a healthier lifestyle are, I know I have answers and I can help you out. 

One of the main reasons I chose Young Living is that they are a WORLD LEADER in essential oils with over 20 years experience and with a SEED TO SEAL GUARANTEE you can be sure you are getting quality therapeutic oils.  We own many of our own farms and distillation facilities around the world, practice sustainable harvesting practices and harvest at the peak time.  

In January of 2015 I was fortunate to be able to attend one of the Winter Harvest weeks in Naples, Idaho to harvest Balsam Fir, it was life changing.  These tiny bottles help me to be TOXIC FREE in a TOXIC world.

Young Living  is sold exclusively through independent distributors like myself. Working from home, advocates, like me, introduce, educate, and share essential oils in their local markets through person-to-person contact and globally through websites (like this one!).

What ended up being a journey to find natural wellness products to help me and my family live healthier, turned into a passion of sharing these natural solutions with others. My hearts desire is to help other people like you see how simple and effective essential oils can be…without the toxins or chemicals that come with other products.  This video sums it all up here and I have to thank my friend Kara Cozier over at Lifesanity.com for allowing me to use this:

I’ve used essential oils for over 5 years. I love making all kinds of recipes with essential oils, including body butter, toothpaste,  hair serumlaundry detergent and so much more. I finally feel confident using essential oils because I found a brand that has changed my life, changed my health, and made my home 100% toxic-free!  This is how I live TOXIC FREE in a TOXIC world, using cleaning, personal and other non toxic products from Young Living.[/read]

You can experience a chemical free home

How about some helpful natural chemical free cleaning tips?  To live a clean and natural life isn’t as hard as you may think it is. I’ll be sharing great tips for living life as naturally as possible in a fake and processed world. Living TOXIC FREE in a TOXIC world is the goal.  It really doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get there, just get there. You can take baby steps, I can help you on the fast track because I have already made all kinds of mistakes and found out there are a lot of scams out there.

I started with[read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] my bathroom.  I was able to discover a wonderful TOXIC FREE mineral makeup line.  I learned how to easily replace my aluminum laden deodorant with a very inexpensive one I make at home. I purchase NON-TOXIC personal products for my entire family now, from baby wipes to shampoo and more.  It’s possible to do and the price you pay for clean living far outweighs the rising cost of healthcare, deductibles, co-pays, time missed from work being sick and making all those Dr. appointments.  It seems like days are taken out of your life for a Dr. appointment and waiting in line at the pharmacy right?  I hear you on that one.  Time waits for no one and the clock is ticking faster and faster it seems. [/read]

Food is my medicine, eat right for the health of it

It’s not hard, I can show you how right here, with easy healthy recipes, healthy alternatives to TOXIC choices in the world and answers to see of those questions as to why you don’t feel good, why you are sick and fatigued all the time, why your emotions are out of whack and more. How would you like to take a journey with me and together we can cook, I promise they are easy and quick!  One pan meals, crock pot cooking and more.  I cook organic when it’s possible, cook from my garden and share natural, quick and easy cooking tips.  Did you know cooking at home is REALLY cheaper than going out??  It also ensures you remain free from TOXIC food additives. Part of living TOXIC FREE in a TOXIC world.

Let’s have some fun and get to know one another!

DIY projects,  or learning how to make things out of ordinary items you probably already have at home?  I gotcha’ covered.  I love DIY projects, recycling, upcycling, using things I already have and simple crafts and gifts.

I’d like to know what kind of hobbies you have too[read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] and what you like to do for fun.  Share with me some of the things you do for sanity and relaxation when you aren’t running around in this crazy thing we call life or working your job.

You can also find me on Facebook,TwitterGoogle+YoutubeLinkedInPinterest and Instagram, click the links like my pages please!!

I often do quick tutorials and how to videos on Facebook Live.  You might be on the look out for some of those.  I might announce an on-line class or two during the month.  It may be cooking tips or something about essential oils and how to use them properly. Locally I have scheduled classes for Basic Essential Oil Uses and Safety, DIY Personal Products Sessions, Simple Gifts Using Essential Oils, Toxic Free Home and Cooking with essential oils.

DISCLOSURE:  I am not a doctor and the statements in this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any products or techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.