Nancy to Rose

This is Nancy. When they say “pretty as a picture”, they mean it because she did look pretty. Then the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, well, we have a lot of words for Nancy and it’s more than a thousand and they aren’t pretty. The first picture below is what they used to get her to sell, looked pretty good, huh!

After removing screw, self tapping screws, mails and bolts from this thing and taking down to practically absolutely nothing, we are going to rename her Rose. The ones who owned her before us did not know the difference between a bolt, a screw, a self tapping screw, sheet metal screw, wood screw, staple or nail.

I will not even go into the amount of spray foam and caulking we need to remove from her just to get her squared up and back together. We removed everything inside, took out the windows, ran wires, added lights, electrical outlets and cleaned her up. She’ll be quite nice when we get finished. Keep checking on the progress here. I’ll keep updating the page as we go.

I’m not great at this blogging thing, so I am sure there might be a better way to post progress, but I want it to go along on one page so this is the only way I know how to do it.



All the wood had to be removed from the inside, I’m bad at remembering to take progress pictures. But, on the other hand, it was so ugly and horrible I just went in there and started ripping out everything before I thought about taking a picture.

They tried to cover the walls and ceilings with nice wood, but painted half of it and left the rest unfinished. They overlapped and pieced it in all over the place, nothing made sense. Wood going this way side to side, then the next piece went top to bottom, yikes. Painted over here, not painted over there, seams looked like a second grader cut them. Nothing fit properly and wood screws here and sheet metal screws over there and bolts over here, what a nightmare.

Not to mention the nightmare of the spray foam. I get what the person was trying to do, but if you’ve ever used this stuff……O. M. Goodness, once you spray it, it expands and it expands fast. If something is loose or there is a weak spot, that foam is going to find it’s way over there and make things bulge out and not fit properly. that being said, the walls were not flat, the ceiling was not smooth, nothing fit due to foam expanse in places where it sin’t need to be. You can see in the 2nd picture below how it was everywhere. I had to cut it off and dig it out, just so we could get the metal sheeting on the framing to press down flat. Inside was even worse, we cut and dug that stuff out for days and I am not kidding you. We probably filled two 90 gallon trash cans of that stuff to haul away.

Here is a quick video shortly after we got her home and into the shop to really take a good look at her.  Like I said, “pretty as a picture”.