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Inspiring overall health and wellness from the inside out and outside in. Healing of the mind, emotions, physical and spiritual is a constant struggle. I educate people about clean eating, from scratch cooking, natural living, DIY crafting and daily meditation. Life gets hard often, most of the good things in life are difficult to achieve. Lets do the hard things together.

I live whole and natural life in the country outside of San Antonio, Texas by gardening, raising chickens, dogs, cats, goats and humans. That all didn’t come overnight. Because my family is where my heart is, I wanted them to have a healthy life.  By that I knew I had to rid my home of toxic chemicals. I didn’t know where to start, but I started following a group on FB that used plant based products, essential oils and supplements for their wellness journey, plus they all talked about purpose and abundance, hmmmm.

So, I joined Young Living in April of 2014 and since then my family and I have lived with wellness, purpose, and abundance, too.  Much to my surprise it was easier than I thought and my passion for pursuing a better toxic free life for my family became a passion I started sharing with my extended family members.

What began as a search for my own answers I also found that I had become my own stay at home entrepreneur.  It just happened, learning and teaching each other new things became exciting and since then I have been blessed both financially and physically by ridding my home of toxic chemicals and swapping them for my own DIY personal, beauty and cleaning products and sharing my knowledge with others.

My home is 99% chemical and toxic free. I cook using organic food whenever possible, eat food from my garden and make things from scratch like mayonaise, ranch dressing and ketchup just to name a few. It is my passion to share what I have learned with others.

At first I thought it would be a hard change, but it was really easy and my family is all the better for it. If you have a beating heart then you are in the right place, this will be a great place to begin your journey to better health and wellness. Baby steps is what it took for me and I am excited to help you do the same.