Hello there!  Welcome to Jessica’s Corner.  I am Jessica, and this is my little corner of Rosalie’s page on Things That Warm the Heart.

So a little about me:  I am a brutally honest, no BS, stay at home mom of three children, one girl and two boys.  We live in the country and all that comes along with that.  No animals though, aside from a few dogs.  We homeschool and that is a big adventure in and of itself!  I’m a lover of good food, staying healthy, and easy “mom-tips” to help me get through the days.  I’m game for products that work, are simple, and safe to use around me and my tribe.

I am so excited that you have stopped by my little slice of the internet and look forward to having some content to make you laugh, and some to get you thinking.  Feel free to contact me to leave any feedback you may have!  Follow me on Instagram for my families daily shenanigans.




One of the things I love to use most are essential oils.  I got started using essential oils many years ago, but I didn’t think they actually worked aside from fragrance.  So when Rosalie got started using Young Living I didn’t give it much thought.  However, after a visit one time, she sent me home with three samples.  The small samples Thieves, Lavender, and Peppermint were lovely I thought, and they smelled amazing but surely they weren’t enough to change my mind.  I set them in my bathroom cabinet, mostly to be forgotten.  And there they sat for quite a while, until there was a nasty bug going around my extended family.  We did not want to catch it, and the Thieves popped into my mind.  I don’t know everything about how it works, but when I used it, it really helped my immune system work better and we didn’t catch the ick.  I used the Lavender to help support healthy skin for my babies.  Now Peppermint is one of my all time favorites just for the smell!  Such a rich, earthy, real plant smell.  No trace of the candy cane farce.  It really wakes up my brain and gets me into GO mode.  It also helped my daughter focus much better during school, and for a pre-schooler, that is huge!  So I looked more into the company to see if I was comfortable using their products more.  And the more I dug, the more I fell in love.  Their Seed to Seal guarantee is worth it’s weight in gold to me.  I also knew that it was not just words on a page, my Aunt had been to one of the farms!  She had touched and smelt and bottled her own bottle and KNEW what was going into it.  Young Living also welcomes all people to tour their farms, and that screams transparency to me.

That brings us to today.  With Young Living I am able to work from home, making a paycheck in between changing diapers, doing dishes, and traveling to visit family.  There is zero pressure too.  I am so in love with the company and even more so with the friendships I have made because of joining.  If you are interested in the product or finding out how working from home is a possibility, please contact me.  If you are skeptical, (as we all are, its okay to admit it) here is the income disclosure for Young Living.  Yes, those are real numbers, and I know people making that.