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What every woman needs to know about FOLATE and FOLIC ACID

What every woman needs to know about FOLATE and FOLIC ACID

Pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant?? What you need to know about FOLATE and FOLIC ACID

Things you should know! First of all I am not a Doctor nor do I proclaim to be providing any medical advice.  What I am going to explain is purely information I have found while using GOOGLE. I highly suggest that you look it up for yourself and do your own research into FOLATE or it’s synthetically produced counterpart FOLIC ACID.  FOLATE, is purely Vitamin B9, and a very important nutrient needed in our diets, especially pregnant or wanting to be pregnant women.  Vitamin B9 is found in leafy greens, broccoli, and dried legumes such as beans and lentils.  This key nutrient is used by our body to make DNA and other genetic material, produce new cells, and support nervous and immune system functions.  DID YOU SEE THAT? Make DNA?? so that is why this is so important during pregnancy?  I don’t know, but makes sense to me.

However, do your research and always ask your doctor, practitioner or midwife before taking any supplements or dietary nutrition.


Why you wouldn’t choose FOLIC ACID

Folic acid is the synthetically derived vitamin from the whole food form of FOLATE.  FOLIC ACID is not natural and does not naturally exist in nature.  Like I mentioned previously FOLATE is Vitamin B9, remember that.  Research has determined that synthetics, like FOLIC ACID, can be metabolized in the liver.  However overtime the liver cannot synthesize FOLIC ACID, especially in high concentrations.  This obviously can cause stress on our liver, right?  Are you still with me here?

Pregnant women or looking to become pregnant are always advised to increase their intake of naturally-occurring FOLATE by consuming more dark leafy greens, broccoli, spinach, dried legumes and lentils.  Another way is by taking the synthetic FOLIC ACID.

Here’s an easy way to get good, food sourced FOLATE

You can juice or eat a lot of leafy greens as well as eat a lot of dried legumes and lentils.  Or may I make a suggestion here?  Did you know that Young Living has a couple of products that already contain FOLATE and are infused with essential oils and packed with other great vitamins and other good for you stuff?  Look at the ingredient list of Young Livings Balance Complete:


This would be a great addition to anyone’s daily healthy nutrition regimen, I mean look at all that great stuff in there!  The taste is great too, because I think it tastes like vanilla cake mix, or raw cookie dough flavor.  And did you notice that FOLATE is listed at 33%, you can’t beat that right?  Oh but you can, and look at Young Living’s Super B product!


There you go, 100% of the DV of  FOLATE right there along with a whole butt load of other good for you stuff!  There, I finally posted this.  I’ve been mulling it around for quite a while and felt it was time to finally get the info out there.

and if you want to look it up for yourself, which you should for your own peace of mind, here is a link because ya’ know, like I said I am not a Doctor.  Another good thing to point out is that we ALL need to become informed, knowledge is wonderful! here is another good link from the Mayo Clinic.

Quit relying on everyone else to give their opinion on things, even Doctors only know what they know, and what they don’t know might be helpful for you and worth finding out.  In the past I have heard of one doctor saying one thing and another saying the opposite, so you know what?  Do some research.  I hope this helped you out!

If you want to purchase your Young Living products so you can get your FOLATE naturally, please reach out to me so I can be of help.  Here’s my email: [email protected] or if you just want to head on over and place an order you can go to my link here , however I’d really like to make a suggestion to become a member so you can get the wholesale price, there’s no cost to join.  I can help you with that, and get you on our Essential Rewards program called ER so you can get your Balance Complete and Super B coming every month.  We all know when you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant you can get busy and very overwhelmed with life, so our ER program is a perfect way to make sure you get your FOLATE while you need it.  You can cancel it at any time, but, here’s a little secret…………while you are on the ER program you will be earning reward points so you can get free product!  Yep you read that right, FREE PRODUCT every month!

Let me show you how you can end up with with one or both of these GIFT BUNDLES for free!

To find out more about the Young Living SEEDLINGS line for babies and infants you can click this link

Young Living is proud to be the leader of essential oil infused products.  With the “SEED TO SEAL GUARANTEE” you can rest assured these products are free from dirty, nasty toxins.  Start your baby out right by choosing natural, plant based and toxic free products that you’ll enjoy as well!

As they grow, there is an entire line of products just for kids called Kidscents!  I will post soon about the Seedlings and Kidscents products so you can learn more.

Hi, this is Rosalie and if you don’t know me, I’ve been married over 35 years, raised my kids and now enjoying my grand children.  I love God, the Creator,  and started my healthy journey several years ago because I wanted to live my life and take control of my health and healing naturally, God’s way.

I’m an advocate for healing the body through, prayer, trust in God, upright good living, good wholesome food and proper nutrition.  Boosting the immune system and ridding your home of nasty toxins is a HUGE key to a healthy lifestyle.  I believe living God’s way, living healthier and eating the proper foods and practicing good nutrition is all you need to maintain a healthy weight, a healthy body, as well as having that balanced mind and emotions we all need in this chaotic world we live in.  Having a strong spiritual connection with God the Creator as my guide has opened up an entire study of what it means to keep our temple(aka our BODY) clean.

I’ve done a lot of study about living God’s way and what it means to take care of our temple(our body).  Weather you have just started, been going at it for a long time or maybe on the fence and don’t know how to start clean living, I am here to help and guide you through your journey.

Health and Wellness Coach – Certified with The Integrative Wellness Academy in 2015

Aromatherapist –  Certified with New York Institute of Aromatic Studies









This scares me to talk about, it’s really hard

This scares me to talk about, it’s really hard

I want to be open and raw here.  I’ve not really been me for quite some time.  I’ve been trying to do this and that and the other, everything EVERYBODY else has been doing and saying.  trying to replicate this, replicate that, and it’s slowly been killing me, the real me.  I don’t even know who I am anymore.  I’ve paid for classes, read books, sat through countless hours of training and I just don’t feel like anything has clicked.  Why, Why? Have I just not found what feels good for me, what feels natural, does that even exist?  Maybe nothing out there is my thing, maybe I need to find my own thing, find what works for me.  What worked for me in the past before I started looking to gurus and paying for instructors to tell me do this and this in these steps and this will happen?

I get so frustrated when I read about the latest success and how it was achieved and then I do the same thing and nothing happens, nothing!  what is wrong with me? Why can’t I be like her or him or this one over there? I am wasting my time, spinning my wheels trying to figure that out.  All I can do is try I guess, NEVER trying will NEVER get results that’s for sure.  So what was the struggle with my latest endeavor you might ask?  Well, it was so out of my comfort zone, I struggled like a mouse trying to get the cheese to the end of a maze for a free piece of cheese.  I wanted the result, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do what I needed to do, I couldn’t go through the maze.

The thing is I need to write some emails, I needed to write them in a way that made people feel like crap, like their lives were crap and going to just continue to keep getting crappier unless they contacted me and got some help.  Help with what you might ask, well help with depression, exhaustion, insomnia, headaches, bad health, unexplained weight gain and even problems keeping relationships at home and at work, kids out of control, marriages headed for divorce, emotional imbalances and more.  It was part of my job to convince people that all of this was just going to continue to get worse, maybe they’d lose their job or end up in divorce.  That was the hard part.

I wasn’t comfortable telling people their lives were crappy and horrible.  I had a really hard time trying to tell them that things were just going to get worse not better.  I am the type of person who likes to candy coat everything.  I like to look on the bright side of things; even when there really isn’t a bright side.  I’m always the one to encourage, the one who is looking and trying to find something good in everything and now you want me to tell people they are living a horrible life and it’s probably going to get worse if they don’t change? I found it really hard to write things that really spoke the truth.  Their lives are crappy, they are not going to get better, not unless they make some changes.  They are going to continue having trouble on the job, they may lose their job.  They are going to continue to have problems in their family and often in the marriage or other relationships and it’s possible they may end up in a divorce.

What if I could tell you that this is all a side effect of TOXICITY?  Toxins in our food, in the air, in personal body products, in the environment, even toxic relationships.  Call me crazy, but a toxic relationship can stress us out and did you know that same stress can often result in sickness and disease? When our body is stressed our body naturally wants to help out and if we are overly stressed or become stressed too often or for longer period of times our body’s natural defense to help us out of that stress actually backfires.  It works so hard on that stress that it can’t help other parts of our body, it can’t keep up, it has to let something else go in order to try to keep up with our stress level.  when something else goes, guess what?  We get sick, our immune system becomes weak, we start to get depressed or fatigued, we suffer from insomnia.  Not getting enough sleep causes other problems, it’s an ongoing cycle.

See what I mean; this is serious, I don’t know how to wake people up to the fact that if this is already sounding like your life and you are saying this is me, right now, I have insomnia, I’m sick, I am frustrated and depressed, I can’t handle things like I used to, I feel like anxiety is controlling my life, what is wrong with me?  It’s a real fact folks, I hear this more and more from people. I do have answers and I do know what is causing a lot of this.  It’s call TOXIC poisoning.  Toxins are lurking in places you would really be surprised to find.  We are poisoning ourselves pretty much every time we light up a candle, every time we buy our favorite perfume, when we spray our homes with all those favorite smells we like, plug in those fragrance outlets, spray that can of mountain fresh air or Hawaiian breezes.  One of the number one toxins in our homes and work places come from artificial fragrances. Artificial fragrances are some of the most harmful chemicals ever!

Artificial fragrances can be attributed to headaches, migraines, inflammations, respiratory issues, hormonal imbalances which result in infertility, emotional issues, depression, inability to cope, anxiety and more.  There is so much more out there that is harming people wreaking havoc on our health and people are just buying into all of it and getting sick. The only ones who profit from this are the Doctors and pharmaceutical companies; makers of more TOXIC chemicals I might add.

So, I have made it my job to try to bring awareness about all of this to people.  How do I best do this? I don’t know.  I took the class that instructed me to send out emails and try to make people feel like crap and I was the one who felt like crap. It was a horrible winter I might add, long, grey, and cold. I would literally stare out the window and find myself just blank, and feeling depressed. Depressed because I did not feel l have been doing a very good job to get my message out there. To get people to notice and to pay attention.

I post about how well I feel and how healthy I have been since I kicked all those TOXINS out of my home and away from my family. I talk about how I have managed to pretty much live TOXIC free in my home and how I have ditched TOXINS for more natural plant based products.  I talk about my DIY and how i make most of my beauty products like shampoo, facial products and more.  I posted about a new line of TOXIC free mineral makeup I started using last summer and how most of the make up sold over the counter is so highly toxic.  I’ve written plenty about TOXINS, where they hide out and what they do to us.

I post about it on my blog whenever I can.  I have a Facebook page and a Secret Group where I share all the things I discover about TOXIC CHEMICALS.  I talk about it on Instagram, Google+ and in person and I still don’t think people are listening.  I really have got to the point where I think no one is really listening and I don’t know how to get them to listen.  What is really disheartening is that I feel like I talk a lot about TOXINS and making healthier choices a lot.  Then I see a friend post something about not realizing how they need to get TOXINS out of their life and they are on the next fad of a pink drink, a meal replacement or a new exercise regimen guaranteed to help them lose the weight forever. I want to just scream, what am I doing wrong, have you not been reading my post, do you not see me, hey there, yes you haven’t you been listening? I don’t know what more to do?? HH–EEE—LL—PPP !! Trying to make people feel bad about their lives just isn’t natural for me, yet I want to help open up peoples eyes to all the harmful things out there and how simple it is to avoid them or get rid of them.  If you knew a better way to do something wouldn’t you want to tell everyone?  I know of so many simple ways live better, and healthier and I am sad that I really feel like no one is listening, no one takes this stuff seriously.  Don’t you want to know?  I sure did, I found out and now I want to let everyone else know about it too.  What do you suggest is the best way to get what’s on my heart out there so people will listen?

Like I said, trying to send out emails full of scare tactics is not me, it scare me to even write them.  I start shaking and get all sweaty and I can’t seem to even make my fingers type the words.  What can I do, I need suggestions, I need help. Like I said, I’m scared to write those emails and send them out.  This is really hard for me to talk about, I hate admitting I’m scared.  I want to share what I know about TOXINS, I want to help people, I know how it is to be so full of TOXICITY that I was sick.  I know how it is to experience fatigue, insomnia and anxiety. I used to live in a sea of toxins, I used to be really sick all the time.  Now I’m happy to say I have not seen a doctor or been sick in over 6 years, I’m medication free and feel the best that I ever have. I want to share all of this, I just don’t know how. I don’t want another guru to tell me what to do. I want some people who are really experiencing effects of TOXINS to start asking me how I did it.  I want people who feel like crap asking me for help, I want to help them to feel better, I want to walk them through it, I want to see them feeling better not crappier. But, I don’t know what to do, I’m scared, I don’t know where to start, how to do it or what type of approach is really going to hit peoples hearts. I really need some feedback on this I really do.




Crazy angry kids, shouting and aggressive behaviour?


Rosalie here,

Read this and at the bottom is a link to schedule a FREE STRATEGY session with me so we can set up a plan to get you on the road to better health!  IF YOU ARE READY NOW, JUST SCROLL RIGHT ON DOWN AND LET’S SCHEDULE IT RIGHT NOW SO WE CAN TALK RIGHT AWAY!

Have you ever thought those HORRIBLE behaviours and outbursts could be from a TOXIC CHEMICAL OVERLOAD??  And do you know about HFCS? You might think is just plain sugar, but it’s not. HFCS is from the corn plant, innocent right?  NO!  It’s a genetically altered corn plant, highly processed and in almost all of our processed and packaged foods. Stop giving it to your kids and see if it doesn’t make a difference right now, today! READ THE LABELS of everything you buy, it’s even in that healthy thing called yogurt!  Surprise, surprise!

The following is from Dr. Mark Hyman’s website


The current media debate about the benefits (or lack of harm) of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in our diet misses the obvious. The average American increased their consumption of HFCS (mostly from sugar sweetened drinks and processed food) from zero to over 60 pounds per person per year.

During that time period, obesity rates have more than tripled and diabetes incidence has increased more than seven fold. Not perhaps the only cause, but a fact that cannot be ignored.

Doubt and confusion are the currency of deception, and they sow the seeds of complacency. These are used skillfully through massive print and television advertising campaigns by the Corn Refiners Association’sattempt to dispel the “myth” that HFCS is harmful and assert through the opinion of “medical and nutrition experts” that it is no different than cane sugar. It is a “natural” product that is a healthy part of our diet when used in moderation.

Except for one problem. When used in moderation it is a major cause of heart diseaseobesity, cancer, dementia, liver failure, tooth decay, and more.

Why is the corn industry spending millions on misinformation campaigns to convince consumers and health care professionals of the safety of their product? Could it be that the food industry comprises 17 percent of our economy?

The Lengths the Corn Industry Will Go To

The goal of the corn industry is to call into question any claim of harm from consuming high fructose corn syrup, and to confuse and deflect by calling their product natural “corn sugar”. That’s like calling tobacco in cigarettes natural herbal medicine.

In the ad, the father tells us:

Like any parent I have questions about the food my daughter eats–-like high fructose corn syrup. So I started looking for answers from medical and nutrition experts, and what I discovered whether it’s corn sugar or cane sugar your body can’t tell the difference. Sugar is sugar. Knowing that makes me feel better about what she eats and that’s one less thing to worry about.”

Physicians are also targeted directly. I received a 12-page color glossy monograph from the Corn Refiners Association reviewing the “science” that HFCS was safe and no different than cane sugar. I assume the other 700,000 physicians in America received the same propaganda at who knows what cost.

In addition to this, I received a special “personal” letter from the Corn Refiner’s Association outlining every mention of the problems with HFCS in our diet–whether in print, blogs, books, radio, or television. They warned me of the errors of my ways and put me on “notice”. For what I am not sure. To think they are tracking this (and me) that closely gives me an Orwellian chill.

New websites like and help “set us straight” about HFCS with quotes from professors of nutrition and medicine and thought leaders from Harvard and other stellar institutions.

Why is the corn industry spending millions on misinformation campaigns to convince consumers and health care professionals of the safety of their product? Could it be that the food industry comprises 17 percent of our economy?

But are these twisted sweet lies or a sweet surprise, as the Corn Refiners Association websites claim?

Here are 5 reasons you should stay way from any product containing high fructose corn syrup and why it may kill you.  

  1. Sugar in any form causes obesity and disease when consumed in pharmacologic doses.Cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup are indeed both harmful when consumed in pharmacologic doses of 140 pounds per person per year.When one 20 ounce HFCS sweetened soda, sports drink, or tea has 17 teaspoons of sugar (and the average teenager often consumes two drinks a day) we are conducting a largely uncontrolled experiment on the human species.Our hunter gatherer ancestors consumed the equivalent of 20 teaspoons per year, not per day. In this sense, I would agree with the corn industry that sugar is sugar. Quantity matters. But there are some important differences.
  2. HFCS and cane sugar are NOT biochemically identical or processed the same way by the body. High fructose corn syrup is an industrial food product and far from “natural” or a naturally occurring substance. It is extracted from corn stalks through a process so secret that Archer Daniels Midland and Carghill would not allow the investigative journalist Michael Pollan to observe it for his book The Omnivore’s Dilemma. The sugars are extracted through a chemical enzymatic process resulting in a chemically and biologically novel compound called HFCS. Some basic biochemistry will help you understand this. Regular cane sugar (sucrose) is made of two-sugar molecules bound tightly together– glucose and fructose in equal amounts.The enzymes in your digestive tract must break down the sucrose into glucose and fructose, which are then absorbed into the body. HFCS also consists of glucose and fructose, not in a 50-50 ratio, but a 55-45 fructose to glucose ratio in an unbound form. Fructose is sweeter than glucose. And HFCS is cheaper than sugar because of the government farm bill corn subsidies. Products with HFCS are sweeter and cheaper than products made with cane sugar. This allowed for the average soda size to balloon from 8 ounces to 20 ounces with little financial costs to manufacturers but great human costs of increased obesity, diabetes, and chronic disease.Now back to biochemistry. Since there is there is no chemical bond between them, no digestion is required so they are more rapidly absorbed into your blood stream. Fructose goes right to the liver and triggers lipogenesis (the production of fats like triglycerides and cholesterol) this is why it is the major cause of liver damage in this country and causes a condition called “fatty liver” which affects 70 million people.The rapidly absorbed glucose triggers big spikes in insulin–our body’s major fat storage hormone. Both these features of HFCS lead to increased metabolic disturbances that drive increases in appetite, weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, and more.But there was one more thing I learned during lunch with Dr. Bruce Ames. Research done by his group at the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute found that free fructose from HFCS requires more energy to be absorbed by the gut and soaks up two phosphorous molecules from ATP (our body’s energy source).This depletes the energy fuel source, or ATP, in our gut required to maintain the integrity of our intestinal lining. Little “tight junctions” cement each intestinal cell together preventing food and bacteria from “leaking” across the intestinal membrane and triggering an immune reaction and body wide inflammation.High doses of free fructose have been proven to literally punch holes in the intestinal lining allowing nasty byproducts of toxic gut bacteria and partially digested food proteins to enter your blood stream and trigger the inflammation that we know is at the root of obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, dementia, and accelerated aging. Naturally occurring fructose in fruit is part of a complex of nutrients and fiber that doesn’t exhibit the same biological effects as the free high fructose doses found in “corn sugar”.The takeaway: Cane sugar and the industrially produced, euphemistically named “corn sugar” are not biochemically or physiologically the same.
  3. HFCS contains contaminants including mercury that are not regulated or measured by the FDA. An FDA researcher asked corn producers to ship a barrel of high fructose corn syrup in order to test for contaminants. Her repeated requests were refused until she claimed she represented a newly created soft drink company. She was then promptly shipped a big vat of HFCS that was used as part of the study that showed that HFCS often contains toxic levels of mercury because of chlor-alkali products used in its manufacturing.(i) Poisoned sugar is certainly not “natural”.When HFCS is run through a chemical analyzer or a chromatograph, strange chemical peaks show up that are not glucose or fructose. What are they? Who knows? This certainly calls into question the purity of this processed form of super sugar. The exact nature, effects, and toxicity of these funny compounds have not been fully explained, but shouldn’t we be protected from the presence of untested chemical compounds in our food supply, especially when the contaminated food product comprises up to 15-20 percent of the average American’s daily calorie intake?  
  4. Independent medical and nutrition experts DO NOT support the use of HFCS in our diet, despite the assertions of the corn industry. The corn industry’s happy looking websites and bolster their position that cane sugar and corn sugar are the same by quoting experts, or should we say misquoting … Barry M. Popkin, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Nutrition, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has published widely on the dangers of sugar-sweetened drinks and their contribution to the obesity epidemic. In a review of HFCS in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,(ii)he explains the mechanism by which the free fructose may contribute to obesity.He states that: “The digestion, absorption, and metabolism of fructose differ from those of glucose. Hepatic metabolism of fructose favors de novo lipogenesis (production of fat in the liver). In addition, unlike glucose, fructose does not stimulate insulin secretion or enhance leptin production. Because insulin and leptin act as key afferent signals in the regulation of food intake and body weight (to control appetite), this suggests that dietary fructose may contribute to increased energy intake and weight gain. Furthermore, calorically sweetened beverages may enhance caloric over-consumption.”He states that HFCS is absorbed more rapidly than regular sugar and that it doesn’t stimulate insulin or leptin production. This prevents you from triggering the body’s signals for being full and may lead to over-consumption of total calories. He concludes by saying that:“… the increase in consumption of HFCS has a temporal relation to the epidemic of obesity, and the overconsumption of HFCS in calorically sweetened beverages may play a role in the epidemic of obesity.”The corn industry takes his comments out of context to support their position. “All sugar you eat is the same.”True pharmacologic doses of any kind of sugar are harmful, but the biochemistry of different kinds of sugar and their respective effects on absorption, appetite, and metabolism are different, and Dr. Popkin knows that.David S. Ludwig, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, and a personal friend, has published extensively on the dangers and the obesogenic properties of sugar-sweetened beverages.He was quoted as saying that “high fructose corn syrup is one of the most misunderstood products in the food industry.” When I asked him why he supported the corn industry, he told me he didn’t and that his comments were taken totally out of context.Misrepresenting science is one thing, misrepresenting scientists who have been at the forefront of the fight against obesity and high fructose sugar sweetened beverages is quite another.
  5. HFCS is almost always a marker of poor-quality, nutrient-poor disease-creating industrial food products or “food-like substances”. The last reason to avoid products that contain HFCS is that they are a marker for poor-quality, nutritionally-depleted, processed industrial food full of empty calories and artificial ingredients. If you find “high fructose corn syrup” on the label you can be sure it is not a whole, real, fresh food full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. Stay away if you want to stay healthy. We still must reduce our overall consumption of sugar, but with this one simple dietary change you can radically reduce your health risks and improve your health.While debate may rage about the biochemistry and physiology of cane sugar versus corn sugar, this is in fact beside the point (despite the finer points of my scientific analysis above). The conversation has been diverted to a simple assertion that cane sugar and corn sugar are not different.

The real issues are only two.

  • We are consuming HFCS and sugar in pharmacologic quantities never before experienced in human history–140 pounds a year versus 20 teaspoons a year 10,000 years ago.
  • High fructose corn syrup is always found in very poor-quality foods that are nutritionally vacuous and filled with all sorts of other disease promoting compounds, fats, salt, chemicals, and even mercury.

That being said, I would watch what I give to those littles we love this Holiday Season.  You owe to them and yourself.  If you want to give a gift, give a gift of good health, no toxins this year.

I know I’ve been giving you a lot of information.  But here is a list of 20 dangerous toxins I am positive you have in your home and some of their side effects.  This is TRUTH folks.  Do you really want to continue doing the same things?  Do you really want to continue to ignore the TRUTH?

It took me ZERO DAYS to decide what to do once I started discovering the truth about TOXINS.  What have you decided so far?  You have 2 choices.  Remain the same or make a change.  What are you going to do?  If I haven’t heard from you yet, then I am going to assume you have chosen to remain the same and ignore the TRUTH.  I would ask that those of you I have heard from, pass this along and share the TRUTH with those around you.  

Labels on cosmetics and body care products are a tough code to crack. The industry is so shockingly unregulated that it’s usually impossible to trust the claims that manufacturers place on their products. A word such as “natural” can be used by anyone for anything. Even “organic” is misleading. Companies are supposed to use an organic label only if ALL ingredients are certified-organic, but they can also say it’s “made with organic” if it contains a minimum of 70 percent certified-organic ingredients. Regardless, 30 percent still leaves a lot of room for toxins. Are you willing to risk it with the 30% mark?

The whole industry has a “innocent-till-proven-guilty” approach to ingredients. Unless a chemical used in beauty products is proven to cause harm to human health, it is classified as GRAS, or “generally recognized as safe.” This classification is upheld by the U.S. FDA and hardly has the best interests of consumers at heart. Remember the FDA is the same group that approves all of the deadly medications out there.  The same poisonous and deadly medications that they end up recalling a short time later after enough people have died or experienced severe side affect.  How long will you be comfortable trusting them?

Do you carry around toxins in your handbag? I bet you do.  I did for many years, and if you are like me, you didn’t know any better.  Got some red lipstick in there? Hand or body moisturizers? Sunscreen? Because you are concerned about toxins in the environment I’d thought you’d like this information! After I found out about this I no longer carried a TOXIC HANDBAG.


Synthetics, PHTHALATES, dyes and other horrid chemicals in our personal products are known to cause cancer, joint and muscle aches, problems with memory and concentration and more. I know you are interested in finding out why you are having headaches daily.  I understand why you may be wanting to give up and succumb to the medications you are told will help you.  I know you are tired of being sick and tired.


You have the right to know the dangerous TOXINS that are in personal products.  Big corporations lie to us everyday. If you knew there was an answer wouldn’t you want to know?  If you did know the answer wouldn’t you want to start doing what it takes to change things.  When you find out, you are going to also want to share it with those you love and care about.  You will want to share the information with your mothers, sisters, daughters and other people in your circle of close friends and family.


It’s horrible being lied to every day.  It’s horrible that the advertising companies think we are so dumb all they need to do it cover up these dangerous toxins with pretty packages and make them smell pretty.  It’s degrading to me that they see women being dumb and willing to purchase anything that might make us feel, look or smell pretty, all the while they are filling us with TOXIC poison. They first fill our eyes and minds with advertising lies, making promising claims of beauty.


But it doesn’t stop there.  These same companies are making us sick, disrupting our hormones and thyroids.  The very things that make a woman tick is being destroyed by these TOXINS.  Is this what you want for your daughters and granddaughters, or your friends and yourself.  How much longer are you going to ignore the truth?  I’m giving you just a few things in this report, there is so much more to the big picture of consumable poisonous TOXINS. We can FIX THIS NOW! Let’s put a stop to this!


So here you are sick.  You are tired.  You experience headaches.  You have emotional mood swings that affect your family life, your work and school life.  They affect every relationship you are in.  You can no longer control your emotions and can’t figure out why.  You have high blood pressure and more stress because of all of this. I feel your pain, I was in the same place.


************************YOUR PROBLEM is NOT YOUR PROBLEM***************************


Your problem is that you don’t know what you don’t know. It very well may be the cause of TOXIC poisoning, you are frustrated not knowing the cause of all these ill feelings. Feeling alone and lost and not knowing can be so frustrating!


I know your frustration with feeling sick and tired all the time.  I feel your pain if you’ve gone to Doctors with constant headaches with no explanation.  I know what it’s like to be exhausted all the time only adding to stress and moodiness. I was always tired and had no motivation.  My exhaustion took time away from my family.  My hormones were going crazy and I had horrible mood swings.  My thyroid was out of whack. I was told it was due to my age and perfectly normal.  All I needed were a few prescriptions to be filled and I’d be fine.


I was able to change all that by making better choices for myself and choosing non-toxic products and using essential oils for my emotional well-being.  It saved my family life and my sanity!  I didn’t just save myself from the toxins but, I also saved myself from the side effects I would have experienced after starting the cycle of taking medications.


Did you know there are dangerous toxic chemicals in makeup, deodorant, lotions and other body products?  What you put ON your skin goes IN the body.  Our skin is the largest organ of the body and the first line of defense against sickness and disease. Things like FD&C and D&C are suspected carcinogens.


“Fragrance” is a cover up word to protect ingredients companies really don’t want to reveal to protect their secret formula. Phthalates are known endocrine disrupters and have been linked to certain cancers. Tricolson is widely used antimicrobial chemical that’s a known endocrine disruptor — especially thyroid and reproductive hormones, and a skin irritant. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) / Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). This surfactant can be found in more than 90 percent of personal care and cleaning products (think foaming products). SLS’s are known to be skin, lung, and eye irritants. Formaldehyde, Toluene(a potent solvent that can dissolve paint), and Propylene glycol are just to name a few. To really find out what is in the products you use, you can check out the EWG’s Skin Deep Database to research toxic chemicals that could be in your cosmetic and personal care products.


Fortunately there is an answer, a safe non toxic alternative when it comes to your face and makeup. Here I only discuss about using alternative and natural personal body products such as soap, deodorant, shampoo, facial moisturizers and more. And folks it is not available in stores.  If non-toxic is where you want to go, I’VE GOT YOU COVERED FROM HEAD TO TOE!


Years ago I decided I was not going to keep POISONING my face and my body every day!  If you knew you could do something about what was making you sick, wouldn’t you do something about it?  I was so ready and finally had a place to start.  I found out I could fix my problem myself without doctors or medications.  I didn’t need to be sick and tired anymore.  No more time wasted sitting in a Doctor’s office or wasting money for medication.

The best thing we consumers can do is read ingredient lists carefully in order to avoid chemicals that are known to be harmful, even though they continue to be widely used. Go grab your shampoo, your moisturizer, body lotion, maybe that favorite candle you just think you can’t give up……………go on, I double dog dare you!  Go get a few things right now and let’s see if any of the following items might lurk inside.  Look at the ingredient list and let’s see what you have that’s making you sick.




Coal Tar: A known carcinogen banned in the EU, but still used in North America. Used in dry skin treatments, anti-lice and anti-dandruff shampoos, also listed as a color plus number, i.e. FD&C Red No. 6.

DEA/TEA/MEA: Suspected carcinogens used as emulsifiers and foaming agents for shampoos, body washes, soaps.

Ethoxylated surfactants and 1,4-dioxane: Never listed because it’s a by-product made from adding carcinogenic ethylene oxide to make other chemicals less harsh. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has found 1,4-dioxane in 57 percent of baby washes in the U.S. Avoid any ingredients containing the letters “eth.”

Formaldehyde: Probable carcinogen and irritant found in nail products, hair dye, fake eyelash adhesives, shampoos. Banned in the EU.

Fragrance/Parfum: A catchall for hidden chemicals, such as phthalates. Fragrance is connected to headaches, dizziness, asthma, and allergies.

Hydroquinone: Used for lightening skin. Banned in the UK, rated most toxic on the EWG’s Skin Deep database, and linked to cancer and reproductive toxicity.

Lead: Known carcinogen found in lipstick and hair dye, but never listed because it’s a contaminant, not an ingredient.

Mercury: Known allergen that impairs brain development. Found in mascara and some eyedrops.

Mineral oil: By-product of petroleum that’s used in baby oil, moisturizers, styling gels. It creates a film that impairs the skin’s ability to release toxins.

Oxybenzone: Active ingredient in chemical sunscreens that accumulates in fatty tissues and is linked to allergies, hormone disruption, cellular damage, low birth weight.

Parabens: Used as preservatives, found in many products. Linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity.

Paraphenylenediamine (PPD): Used in hair products and dyes, but toxic to skin and immune system.

Phthalates: Plasticizers banned in the EU and California in children’s toys, but present in many fragrances, perfumes, deodorants, lotions. Linked to endocrine disruption, liver/kidney/lung damage, cancer.

Placental extract: Used in some skin and hair products, but linked to endocrine disruption.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG): Penetration enhancer used in many products, it’s often contaminated with 1,4-dioxane and ethylene oxide, both known carcinogens.

Silicone-derived emollients: Used to make a product feel soft, these don’t biodegrade, and also prevent skin from breathing. Linked to tumour growth and skin irritation.

Sodium lauryl (ether) sulfate (SLS, SLES): A former industrial degreaser now used to make soap foamy, it’s absorbed into the body and irritates skin.

Talc: Similar to asbestos in composition, it’s found in baby powder, eye shadow, blush, deodorant. Linked to ovarian cancer and respiratory problems.

Toluene: Known to disrupt the immune and endocrine systems, and fetal development, it’s used in nail and hair products. Often hidden under fragrance.

Triclosan: Found in antibacterial products, hand sanitizers, and deodorants, it is linked to cancer and endocrine disruption. Avoid the brand Microban.


Now I’ve given you some TRUTH, what will you do with it?

I want to help you get started now!  I want to help you end the feelings of being lied to, the feelings of being confused and overwhelmed.  I want to help you figure this out and fix it now before it’s too late.  I have a form you can fill out to answer a few questions.  After I get to know a little about you, we can set up a quick phone session.  We can strategize together and get you to the next step in becoming TOXIC free.  Here is the link:



Can we talk about it a bit? I’d really like to help you set up a plan to start a journey of toxic free living.  Get on the road to better health and wellness, there is no better time than this.  I want to give you the gift of health this Holiday Season.



You can do this!


P.S. You owe it to yourself to start somewhere.  The alternative is to DO NOTHING and continue on a road to MORE SICKNESS and DISEASE.  Stop that now.  Here is the link:



What?  No grain bread??

What? No grain bread??

You cannot be serious, really, a bread without grain?  I finally worked and tried various recipes and I found one that was really good, but it just needed something, so I did a variation, it was good too, but needed something.  I did another variation, and that was even better.  So, which one, hmmmmm?  Well let’s just say I now have 3 very good bread recipes made without wheat flour.

The final variation #2 is my pick for sandwich bread.  You can find the original recipe, and both variations #1 and #2 here.

The original recipe I made using whole eggs and ghee for the oil and it was tasty and buttery, makes great french bread and toast!

Variation #1 was made using coconut oil and just eggs whites, whisked until frothy,  for a lighter more airy bread.  This bread was lighter in texture, taste and color, but the loafs I thought were too small.  We were going through about one every two days.  Yes, we missed bread a lot when we cut wheat out of our diet.

Variation #2 Well, I doubled this recipe and used olive oil, whisked egg whites only and I added honey.  I also turned down the heat a bit to 325 degrees because it was twice the amount and I  without wanted to make sure it got cooked thoroughly without burning.  I had to increase the time as well, up to 50 minutes and it still wasn’t done, but had a nice golden crust on it. I decided to cover it completely to prevent it from getting too brown, and put it back into the oven for another 15 minutes, for a total cooking time of 65 minutes.  Ovens vary so make sure you insert a knife and it comes out clean to be sure.

As you can see in this picture I ended up with a nice golden crusted bread, light and airy.  It tasted really good, too.

Want great hair?

Want great hair?

Want great hair?

Try this DIY hair mask using essential oils.FB_IMG_1472244088293

I just love coconut oil and all its benefits. Using in my hair is just one of the many ways I use it.

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Wonderful Sweet & Calm Blend

Wonderful Sweet & Calm Blend


I just can’t say enough about this wonderful blend.  Whether it’s bath time, bed time, or smack dab in the middle of the day and things are getting rough and you need some calming atmosphere.

If you need some calming emotional support try this in a diffuser.  Don’t have one?  Place the drops on a cotton ball or a cork top and set it nearby, it can even be taken into the car, into the office, or to school.

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A better way to vacuum?

FB_IMG_1453950310453Who would have thought??  Want your vacuuming experience to be a bit more enjoyable?  Why not place a cotton ball with a drop or two of your favorite essential oil right into your vacuum bag!  If you’ve already replaced the bag and maybe it old and partially used, refresh it by sucking up a cotton ball right into the vacuum with a drop of Purification to kill odors and clear the air, Thieves when you’ve got a sick person in the house, or Eucalyptus in the winter months when you need a bit of support for your respiratory system.  The possibilities are truly endless! YOUR WELCOME.   Safe and toxic free.  If you don’t know already I only use and recommend Young Living essential oils in my home and for my family.  Ready to get started with essential oils?? CLICK HERE



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