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Young Living’s Seed to Seal Guarantee

Young Living’s Seed to Seal Guarantee

With a vision “to bring Young Living Essential Oils to every home in the world”, no other essential oil company has been around longer than Young Living.  Nor does any other company enforce the same strict principles on their corporate farms, partner farms or Seal-certified suppliers. I love that the company I represent carries a SEED TO SEAL GUARANTEE with every product they produce and package.  Young Living introduced the Seed to Seal promise as a symbol of the commitment they have to provide your family with the best essential oil and oil-infused products in the world.  The Seed to Seal promise ensures that with every targeted supplement, every skin care solution, and every pure essential oil you use, you are enjoying the benefits of their global resources, industry leadership, and decades of innovation. This results in a pristine final product that you know is created with conscientious sourcing, science and standards.

Young Living sources from corporate-owned farms, as well as partner farms and Seed to Seal certified suppliers that adhere to their partnership principles.  This empowers them to source conscientiously with priority on quality, sensitivity to community impact, and mindfulness toward the local ecosystems.  Ultimately, this empowers you to feel fully confident using Young Living Products.

When Young Living says a farm adheres to our Seed to Seal Partnership Principles they mean it! To be a partner farm you must meet the following 5 requirements:


The sourcing and Executive teams hand select renowned suppliers of premium botanicals and building relationships with them for decades. They continue to foster and expand those relationships daily.


ALL FARMS whether a partner farm or corporate owned farm, or Seed to Seal certified supplier must sign declarations that they will follow our strict Seed to Seal specifications.


Young Living backs up signed Seed to Seal declarations with legally binding contracts that require the partners to deliver on those declarations.


Young Living has spent MILLIONS of dollars on a state-of-the-art lab with cutting-edge testing instruments, as well as a world class team of researchers. If the team finds that a supplier’s product doesn’t meet the demanding standards, it never reaches the warehouse.  Trust me this happens.  Product has been refused, thus causing a shortage or out of stock situation until product can be sourced that does meet the strict testing.


In addition to it’s testing, Young Living verifies the quality of the oils via a third-party audit of the supply chain.  The intricate global sourcing network is designed to bring members superior products, and they are proud to have implemented and objective audit process.

While the quality of the products begin in the fields, it’s proven in the lab with research from the R&D team’s 180 years of combined experience.  They also test product samples as needed with two independent, respected, and accredited labs.  They create pure, effective formulas to provide your family with products that contain the cleanest and most innovative ingredients available.

Young living is the leader of the modern day essential oils movement and a close partner with the earth, it’s part of thier stewardship to do business responsibly from sustainably sourcing rare botanicals, to uplifting local communities, to going above and beyond to comply with local environmental rules. Young Living chooses to partner with sources they know produce pure essential oils and ingredients ethically and legally, setting a top-tier standard for sustainability that you can trust.

Young living farms stand apart in the essential oil industry.  That’s why their essential oil farms play such and integral role in the Seed to Seal promise.  They have invested unprecedented time and resources to ensure that these standards are prioritized at each of the corporate-owned farms, partner farm, and Seed to Seal certified supplier.  This ensures your home and family get the very best nature has to offer.


This farm is extra special because I have been here and planted product, as well as checked out the distillation facility.  This farm grows Lavender, hyssop, Clary Sage, Peppermint, Goldenrod, Balsam Fir, Melissa, Roman Chamomile, Juniper, Blue Yarrow, Spearmint and German Chamomile. A little side note is that if you attend convention in Utah then you will be able to go and visit this farm, see the distillation and possible plant or pull some weeds.  None the less, you can say you have had a firsthand look and been able to see the production of the purest essential oils on the plant!

The Whispering Springs Farm is an iconic farm, not only to Young Living but also to the essential oil movement and the wellness community. This lavender farm is just a short drove from the Young Living Global Headquarters and is home to events such as and Annual Easter Egg Hunt, the Lavender Day Festival, the Essential Oils and Animals Conference, and the Fall Festival Draft Horse Show and Rodeo.

Here there is a product store, a small lake to enjoy or paddle boat, an arena for jousting events, a horse barn where they store the beautiful draft horses, a distillery, picnic area, small play town and playground for the kids.

Remember, the farms are open for visitation, just call ahead to check on the hours or to set an appointment before you visit a farm.  Here is the number and address for the farm if you are ever nearby.

  •  (800) 371-0819
  •  3700 N Highway 91, Mona, UT 84645



Want great hair?

Want great hair?

Want great hair?

Try this DIY hair mask using essential oils.FB_IMG_1472244088293

I just love coconut oil and all its benefits. Using in my hair is just one of the many ways I use it.

Remember if you need to stock up on oils, or maybe you haven’t started using them yet contact me right away. I can start you out with a wholesale membership that saves 24% everyday. Plus, we have a great rewards program that allows you to get free product monthly, loyalty gifts and special rewards program only perks.

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If you’re on my business building team and like free things, look what you can get this  month just by enrolling 5 new members!  A Garmin Vivosmart heart rate monitor and the new member will get an additional bottle of essential oil, a 15 ml bottle of Cedarwood, ONE OF MY FAVORITES.  That would be a total of 12 oils by purchasing a Premium starter kit in August.

If you are not a member of my team yet, then all you need to do is enroll with me as a wholesale member and then enroll 5 of your friends or family before the end of August.  Do you know that in addition to the FREE GARMIN VIVOSMART you will get a thank you check for for $250 as well?  Yes you saw that, $250 will also be sent your way.  Here is what Young Living is doing as a business building promotion for the month of August, it’s till not too late to get this!

In August we’re all about beating our personal records. That’s why we’re launching the Up Your Game promotion! Enroll five or more members who buy the Premium Starter Kit and you get a free Garmin Vivosmart heart rate monitor. This device offers the perfect fusion of business and fitness functions, with its activity tracking, reminders to move, and syncing capabilities for your phone, email, and social media accounts.

But you’re not the only one who can get freebies! With each purchase of a Premium Starter Kit, your newest YL team members will receive a 15-ml bottle of Cedarwood essential oil.

Gentle Baby

Gentle Baby

Gentle Baby

One of my favorites!  I don’t have a baby, but I do have grand children.  But you know what?  I don’t use this oil just when babies are around, I use it for myself!!  I find it is emotionally calming for me and gives me a peaceful feeling inside.  Occasionally feeling a bit anxious?  We all have those times, well, this is a great oil for just that time.

It’s great for babies as well, in the evening when they tend to be at their most cranky state. Try to diffuse a bit in the evening, or rub a 50:50 dilution on the tummy in a clockwise motion to calm the digestive system when needed.

Remember this oil is not just for babies, it’s for everyone!

FRIDAY FREEDAY – Do you get free stuff in your monthly box order?

FRIDAY FREEDAY – Do you get free stuff in your monthly box order?


I love getting my monthly Essential Rewards order from Young Living.  What is so great about the program is that I only need to place a $50 order to be active.  What I Love the most is replacing in my monthly box the items I used to get at the grocery store, like shampoo, body wash, snacks, laundry soap and other things.  It makes it such an easy swap and doesn’t change my monthly budget at all.  When I came to that realization it wasn’t hard for me to reach goals that got me ALL KINDS OF FREE STUFF with my order!!

First of all they give you rewards points each month beginning with 15% back for months 1-3, then months 4-5 earns 20% back and after 24 months you earn 25% FOREVA!  Yep, you read that right, and months 3 and 6 get you an extra thank you gift as well.  After 24 consecutive months you get a special bottle of Loyalty essential oil.  Is that not cool or what.  Your points work dollar for dollar to order product, you can use them anytime.  I can also change my monthly order date if I need things sooner or maybe I want it later. There’s always that chance my money situation might dictate that I skip a month and that’s okay as well, I can just do that on line myself one time per a 12 month period.  I have 134 point right now which is equal to $134 to spend, that is a lot of product!

Do you get a monthly box of any kind?  Do they give you free stuff just for ordering? Not only do I get free product every month, but they always make sure it is something that pertains to the times and seasons.  For example this month is back to school time for most and they have included 3 bottles of Thieves hand purifier, who couldn’t use that!  Also, with back to school come the change of the Summer Season to Fall and we all know that seasonal changes may often bother our respiratory systems, so they have included a roll on bottle of Breath Again!!  Another win for everyone.

Of course you DON’T NEED to be on essential reward to get some free product, but you won’t get the rewards points, the free thank you gifts on month 3 and 6 and not to mention there are certain items in the free monthly promos that are strictly for Essential Rewards members.

It’s not too late to get a wholesale membership through Young Living which saves you 24% ALL THE TIME.  An added benefit is you will be part of my team and I will send you a nice welcome gift as well.  It’s not too late to sign up and get the free items for August, hurry while there is still time. Click here to go to my website to sign up if you’re ready.  If you need assistance or have any questions about oils you can always email me at: [email protected]

This back-to-school lineup can be yours for free with your qualifying order:

  • Deep Relief™ Roll-On: Deep Relief Roll-On makes essential oils such as Peppermint, Wintergreen, Dorado Azul, and Helichrysum convenient to bring everywhere! This blend of popular oils is great for your trips to the gym and busy daily routine.
  • Breathe Again™ Roll-On: Breathe Again Roll-On combines four types of Eucalyptus essential oils with Peppermint and Copaiba for a cool, aromatic breath of fresh air any time of the year.
  • Thieves® Waterless Hand Purifier 3-pack: Convenient, portable, and long-lasting, Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier is enhanced with natural Peppermint oil to keep little hands clean—no matter where they are!
  • 5-ml Bergamot Vitality™: The complex taste of the Bergamot Vitality is somewhere between sour orange and lemon, making it a distinctive addition to other citrus flavors in marinades and seafood recipes.
  • 15-ml Lime: Lime has a uniquely zesty and bright scent that’s an important element in some of our favorite blends such as Stress Away™. Diffuse Lime to experience uplifting feelings of positivity whenever you need a little aromatic boost.
  • Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 15-ml Clarity™: Clarity blends Basil, Rosemary, Peppermint, and other essential oils for an aroma that invites a sense of clarity and alertness, perfect for days when you need to be at your best.

Monday Make It – Why I always hated school lunches!


As a kid I always hated the school lunches I brought.  The same ol, same ol thing everyday.  Then as a parent I really hated making them because it was so hard to think of something that would be healthy and that my kids would love.

Here are some great ideas from Young Living.  Did you know they have a blog as well?  While you are there be sure you register so you don’t miss any of their exciting posts.  These are lunches you can feel great about sending with your kids.  You can be confident they will be healthy and tasty as well.

Making school lunches will never be the same with Fruity “Sushi Rolls” and Kid Kabobs.  They are also having a FREE GIVEAWAY on the post, but you must enter by Thursday Aug 11th.  Click this link to check them out over at youngliving.com


Wonderful Sweet & Calm Blend

Wonderful Sweet & Calm Blend


I just can’t say enough about this wonderful blend.  Whether it’s bath time, bed time, or smack dab in the middle of the day and things are getting rough and you need some calming atmosphere.

If you need some calming emotional support try this in a diffuser.  Don’t have one?  Place the drops on a cotton ball or a cork top and set it nearby, it can even be taken into the car, into the office, or to school.

Don’t have your oils yet? Click Here, I’d love you to join me and my team as we endeavor on our oily journeys together daily.  Young Living essential oils offer great emotional support and overall wellness support.  Read more by checking out my essential oil page by selecting Essential Oils from the top menu.

Do you love to cook??

Do you love to cook??

 Cooking??  Love it or hate it?


I love cooking, most of the time you will find me in my kitchen in my apron if you would happen to stop by.  I love cooking from scratch, using some of my family’s handed down recipes.  You might find me making a cake for a loved one’s birthday, a personal DIY project or just a tasty dinner for my family.

Gardening for fresh ingredients, canning, freezing are some of the things I love to do.  I try to cook REAL whenever it’s possible staying away from processed foods, refined sugar and HFCS(high fructose corn syrup), and GMO food.  I do my best to search for Non-GMO or I don’t buy it.  Organic is my first choice always and getting much easier to find, but that still does not mean it is non-GMO, so be very careful.  I am learning to make a lot of things from square one, like mayonnaise for instance, peanut butter and tomato paste.  There are so many additives in today’s food and I just don’t trust them to be safe for me or my family.

So, join me as I try to share some of my recipes with ya’ll.  And remember eat REAL whole foods!

I’d love to know why you do or don’t like to cook?

Ready to get down with some essential oils?? Click here


DIY Hair Serum with essential oils

DIY Hair Serum with essential oils



Here is an instructional video making the hair serum


15 drops Rosemary essential oil(I get mine here)

15 drops Lavender essential oil(I get mine here)

15 drops Cedarwood essential oil(I get mine here)

Combine all the oils in a 15 mil dark colored glass bottle.  Apply 3-5 drops daily massaging into the scalp and across the hair.

***NOTE – I do this at night because the benefits of Lavender and Cedarwood are very relaxing and helpful in promoting a restful nights sleep.