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Monday Make It – Why I always hated school lunches!


As a kid I always hated the school lunches I brought.  The same ol, same ol thing everyday.  Then as a parent I really hated making them because it was so hard to think of something that would be healthy and that my kids would love.

Here are some great ideas from Young Living.  Did you know they have a blog as well?  While you are there be sure you register so you don’t miss any of their exciting posts.  These are lunches you can feel great about sending with your kids.  You can be confident they will be healthy and tasty as well.

Making school lunches will never be the same with Fruity “Sushi Rolls” and Kid Kabobs.  They are also having a FREE GIVEAWAY on the post, but you must enter by Thursday Aug 11th.  Click this link to check them out over at youngliving.com