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Beverage Trailer Renovation

Beverage Trailer Renovation

I’m bad at going in order with my photos, but I’ll try my best. I usually don’t sit down to post until the job is already completed, oh well.

We started with a tiny $200 enlisted trailer that want even 5 ft tall inside. After several bumps on the head a asked my husband if the roof could be raised and well………

The original beast

I originally intended to use this trailer at vendor and market events formy essential oil business. Like I said you couldn’t stand up in the thing, we kept bumping our heads putting things in and out of it. As you can see in the pictures there were bolted rivets right in the middle and all the way around. I started removing them……..

Bolts removed and we took off the top half.

Then I started thinking this could be something…………….I envisioned an ice cold beverage trailer. My idea came after I saw an add for the Pour Horse Bar. You can see it at www.thepourhorse.com and it’s kind of like this..

I put that in there so you can see where my idea is going. I’m not going to do coffee, I just see a cold beverage unit. Galvanized tubs filled with ice to hold your own beverages, soda, beer, wine, even kegs. Whatever you want to Pitt in it for your guests is your business, we just provide the ice!

Birthday, reunion, bachelorette party, family gathering, the event ideas are unlimited. So how am I going to put this together? My husband’s a welder by trade so 4 steel posts and let’s raise the roof!

Then I had a pair of 100 year old doors I got very cheap. They used to be in the Karnes County Courthouse. They had several cigars of paint on them that needed to be removed first. We needed to make sure they would fit first. My husband had an old piece of piano hinge, so here we go.

Perfect fit, just needed to take about 4 inches off the bottom.

Now to take them off and get rid of lots of paint. I wanted them stained. Boy, that was days and days of stripping and sanding.

Chemical process of paint removal.
They turned out quite well, stained and coated with outdoor poly.

I found an old Ford door on facebook and it was a rusty old thing. A bit of rusty removal and paint. It fit perfectly!

Primed for paint

I decided we might have a need for electrical plugs. Maybe for lights or a margarita machine or two!

My husband is good at painting and well, he has all the stuff to do it and we had white paint.

I had an idea for a roof, a little rustic, rusty metal and wood, and an a-frame style.

Then it was time to put the roof on. Went smoothly, we had to add a bit of trim and a soffit to finish out off. Then on to complete the inside with a floor I got for free and wood siding I got for free as well. Most of the wood forThis project was free from some pallets I took apart so I can’t complain. The floor was from a lady renovating her bedroom and she have me her oldstuff. It was nice, really heavy duty vinyl wood look planks.