Beverage Trailer Renovation Part 2

So we added a few things like a set of baby moons. I want to paint the wheels white, I think that will show up better. We need to get the galvanized tubs and will probably need to make stands for them. When that’s done I’ll do a final post.

Since we added plugs we are considering setting a generator on the tounge and this will plug in. If we are at a venue that had an outlet nearby, we can just plug into any 110 outlet. I took a cabinet door from a set I rounded up from someone who was redoing their kitchen. I did a chalkboard finish so we could add a menu or use it for an announcement board. It actually opens as well if you need so air or just to add an open feel.

The baby moons, soon well paint the wheels white.
Had to add tail lights, now we need to get it registered.