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Easy, quick and inexspensive – DIY Thieves Wipes

Easy, quick and inexspensive – DIY Thieves Wipes

Here is a video of my home made Thieves Wipes, to watch it click here.

thieves wipes


Paper towel roll cut n half with a serrated knife

1/2 – 1 C distilled or boiled water

1 TbsThieves Cleaner Concentrate

1 Gallon Zip top bag

A few smaller zip bags to store them in and around the house.


Cut the Paper towel roll in half with the serrated knife, you may need scissors to clean up the rough edges if needed.  Pull out the inner cardboard tube.

Put the half roll into the 1 gallon zip top bag.  Mix the Thieves Concentrate Cleaner in the water and pour into the bag and let set overnite to absorb.  You may need to add 1/4 – 1/2 more water if they seem too dry the next day, all the paper towel brands absorb differently.

Separate a few sheets into smaller bags and keep one under the bathroom sink for counters, mirrors, faucets, shower doors.  Keep a few under the kitchen sink for counters, hands, faucets, or wiping down the refrigerator both inside and out. Throw a small bag in your purse for on the go to use on dirty table tops, toilet seats, door handles or hands.

Of course I get my Thieves products through Young Living and if you would like to find out how to get yours click here!

Essential Oils videos – Gallie Institute

I was watching some YouTube videos at the Gallie Essential Channel, it is really an information highway regarding essential oils.  I suggest you subscribe to it and get their videos it is absolutely free. Lots of good things to see and who watches TV anymore, it’s a bunch of junk in my humble opinion. Click here for the link for the videos.

New to essential oils and want to learn more?  Click here.10981954_10152574022440916_3381085941877456100_n

Soap Nuts

Soap Nuts

I love doing laundry in a natural way so that my family does not have to sleep and breath wrapped in a cocoon of chemicals.  Out clothes, towels, sheets all have toxic chemicals in them if you are using commercial store purchased laundry soap and dryer sheets.  Imagine 24/7 you have a sheet of chemicals next to your body.  And did you know the skin is the largest organ of the body??  Protect it by doing your laundry with a safe chemical free alternative.  Here is one of the ways I do laundry naturally with soap nuts.  Watch this video to see how to use them.

This is a soap nut tree with green soap nuts

soapnuts green

They start to get dry on the tree like this

soapnut tree

When they are dry they look like this

soapnut tree2

When they arrive they are usually in bags like this and this is where I purchased mine, click here for soap nuts.


They last quite a while, I bought a 3 lb bag last summer and have only used about 1/3 of it.  6-8 of the nuts can last for a few washings. Of course I add a few drops of essential oils by Young Living to each linen bag before I throw it into the wash.  If you have questions or want to know more about essential oils click here.



I absolutely love this little gadget.  I can have a sweet, creamy all natural no sugar added cool fruit dessert any time I want.  Nice for these hot summer days in Texas.  It saves all my fruit I have too, no more waste.  My bananas that start to go brown I throw in the freezer and any others like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries that might be starting to get old, just freeze them.  My favorite right now is Banana, mango and pineapple!  You can get them on AMAZON, I got the elite because I knew I would use it a lot, there is a smaller unit, but I know how my family is about sweets, so this is used daily.  It’s easy to clean and the parts are dishwasher safe.  I can even add a bit of my Young Living essential oils to them when I am done to enhance the flavors.  I would only recommend Young Living oils for ingesting as I do not the quality and safety of other brands.  Many of the Young Living oils are labeled and approved for supplemental use.

Click here for a video I did today showing a banana, mango, pineapple mixed with a drop of Lemon essential  oil.  The essential oil gives it a fresh citrus taste!

Frankincense Essential Oil


I just love my Frankincense essential oil from Young Living.  I add a drop to my DIY moisturizer everyday.  I also use another drop around my eyes and on any dark spots I see appearing. If you would like to read more about this oil click here!

If you would like to become a member of Young Living so you can get your own essential oils like I do click here!

You can go to my essential oils tab if you would like my daily moisturizing cream recipe.  It is safe, chemical free and non toxic!

Light the Fire

Young Livings newest blend! Light the fire, to read what’s in it and how it may be used click here