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DIY Hair Serum with essential oils

DIY Hair Serum with essential oils



Here is an instructional video making the hair serum


15 drops Rosemary essential oil(I get mine here)

15 drops Lavender essential oil(I get mine here)

15 drops Cedarwood essential oil(I get mine here)

Combine all the oils in a 15 mil dark colored glass bottle.  Apply 3-5 drops daily massaging into the scalp and across the hair.

***NOTE – I do this at night because the benefits of Lavender and Cedarwood are very relaxing and helpful in promoting a restful nights sleep.

Humming Bird Feeder using recycled Ningxia Red bottles

Humming Bird Feeder using recycled Ningxia Red bottles


I tried using Periscope and for the last half the sound did not work so I had to resort to doing the ending again and editing/joining the two with YouTube so here is the instructional video for those who are interested.

You can make a single bottle feeder by just using one bottle.

you will need:

Empty Glass Bottle

Wire cutters

Needle nose pliers

Bling or as I call it a little sum-umm, sum-umm(optional)

12 Gauge aluminum(copper colored wire)I get mine here. Use a bit more than 5 ft. per bottle

Feeder tubes, I get mine here

Natural Hummingbird Nectar I get mine here. Please don’t use the red type, it has dye in it and I wouldn’t want the hummingbirds ingesting it.  Thank you and the birds thank you, too!


Watch this video by clicking here and it will make more sense.  But, take your 5+ foot of wire and begin at the neck of the bottle and wrap around taking the end and wrapping a few times to hold, continue wrapping the wire up the bottle, go from the neck to the bottom and make sure that the wires cross in a few places.  Bring the wire loose end back up and under some of the points where the wires cross and wrap a couple times through to make it hold a bit better.  Do this in 2-3 crossing areas, finally ending at the top(actually the bottle base, but it is the top when upside down).  Take the loose end and com up and over to make a hanger and find a place on the other side to loop it around the last circle of wire around the bottle.

**NOTE: I like to bling up my feeders so I use recycled broken jewelry, buttons, etc, and as you wrap the wire find opportunity to wrap on a little bling!

Mix your nectar and fill the bottle.

Insert the feeder tube VERY securely or all the nectar will be lost.

If you want to make a trio of feeders make three of these and then take about a foot of wire and run it under and around three of the bottle together.  Make sure the Red Wolfberry side of the bottle is facing out and the ingredient side faces towards the inside.  After securing the 3 bottle together, take the 3 loop hangers at the top and just twist them all together! Voila!  Now go quickly and put them up and watch nature do it’s work.


It’s a super ANTIOXIDANT fruit filled supplemental drink for the whole family!  Energize and fortify while supporting the immune system.  For a detailed ingredient list click here.

Ningxia 1 Ningxia2





If you would like to get your own bottle of Ningxia Red contact me or click here to find out more!


Easy, quick and inexspensive – DIY Thieves Wipes

Easy, quick and inexspensive – DIY Thieves Wipes

Here is a video of my home made Thieves Wipes, to watch it click here.

thieves wipes


Paper towel roll cut n half with a serrated knife

1/2 – 1 C distilled or boiled water

1 TbsThieves Cleaner Concentrate

1 Gallon Zip top bag

A few smaller zip bags to store them in and around the house.


Cut the Paper towel roll in half with the serrated knife, you may need scissors to clean up the rough edges if needed.  Pull out the inner cardboard tube.

Put the half roll into the 1 gallon zip top bag.  Mix the Thieves Concentrate Cleaner in the water and pour into the bag and let set overnite to absorb.  You may need to add 1/4 – 1/2 more water if they seem too dry the next day, all the paper towel brands absorb differently.

Separate a few sheets into smaller bags and keep one under the bathroom sink for counters, mirrors, faucets, shower doors.  Keep a few under the kitchen sink for counters, hands, faucets, or wiping down the refrigerator both inside and out. Throw a small bag in your purse for on the go to use on dirty table tops, toilet seats, door handles or hands.

Of course I get my Thieves products through Young Living and if you would like to find out how to get yours click here!