BEST Prime Rib Roast EVER!!

This is something I cook around the end of the year for our friends and family.  I quit doing the decorating and gift giving years ago due to the whole commercialism and selfishness the whole thing represents and relieved my immediate friends and family of the burden of gift giving.  At least under my roof!  No, you won’t find a Christmas tree in my house and YES!  I still believe in Jesus, just not in the celebratory way the world has pressured us to do.

Instead I prefer spending time with friends and family, spending my money on food and a huge gathering that will still be in the minds of those who attend for many years to come. Friendship and time with my family is priceless.

My prime rib method is one I do not quite remember coming across, or even overhearing, but all I know is that I saw or heard it somewhere and it works great for me.  My guests will attest to the fact, they come year after year for more!

Here’s is what I do:

Bone In Prime Rib Roast(allow 1/2 lb per person and it will be more than you need, but enough for a bit of leftovers)  Now I purchase my prime rib roast about a week before I plan to cook it, I like my meat aged.  I place it in the refrigerator and cook it within 5-7 days.  I also remove it from the refrigerator in the morning because I prefer to begin with a roast that is at room temperature.

Pre-heat the oven now to 500 degrees Fahrenheit

DRY RUB – Garlic powder, lemon pepper, Italian seasoning, parsley, onion powder, Lowery’s Seasoning Salt, Mrs. Dash Seasoning and rock salt.  I take approx. 1 Tbl-2 Tbl (depending on size of roast) of each and put them into a small jar or container with a lid so I can shake it up and mix it well.  I take this and rub it all over the sides of the roast, I really rub it in well.

I happen to love cast iron pans, I cook the roast in a large cast iron pan and then I can use the drippings for a gravy or au jus when I remove the roast, YUM!  I rub the pan with butter or coconut oil, lots and lots, go ahead, it’s good for you!  Place the Roast bone side down into the pan.  Don’t worry about covering it.  I do place a meat thermometer in it just for my piece of mind, but, I never go by it, because once yu put the roast in the oven you DO NOT OPEN the door, not even once.

By now your roast should be ready to place in the oven and it should have reached it’s 500 degrees.  If not, wait until it comes to full temperature.  Place the pan and roast into the oven, close the door and set a timer for 1 hour for a 2-3 bone roast and 1 hour 15 minutes for a 4 bone or larger roast .  Trust me 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes is all it takes for the first part.

Once the timer rings you may turn off your oven, BUT, DON’T OPEN the oven, DON’T.  Now reset your timer for 2 hours, yes 2 hours!  Now you may want to prepare the rest of your meal.  When your timer goes off you can open the oven and remove your pan and roast.  This is when I check my meat thermometer and it usually is right on rare or med rare depending on the size.  A larger roast will be rare, a smaller usually med rare to med.  You will have the ends for those who want their meat more well to well done and the center will be a nice med rare to rare, trust me.  Remove the roast to a nice platter and use the roasting pan to make au jus or a gravy if desired.


This was after we ate and a small piece of one end was all that was left.  It was delicious as usual.