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I am amazed at how much the D. Gary Young – Young Living Foundation does across the world.  I want to take a moment to talk about this part of the company I represent because helping people is so near and dear to my heart.  All administrative fees for any of the projects operating through the foundation comes directly from the Young Living Corporate monies.  All donations to the foundation go directly towards the project designated.

FUN FACT: As a Young Living member you can request to work on any of the current projects they have going.  All ages and any skill level is appreciated.  There is always something that a pair of helping hands can offer to the less fortunate.  Contact the Young Living Headquarters in Lehi Utah if you would like more information about going on one of the philanthropy trips with the foundation.

The foundation was founded in 2009 and has since focused on unlocking possibilities by providing tools and resources to those whose needs receive far too little.  It is the mission and vision of the foundation to provide long-term solutions to many parts of the world. They are committed to empower individuals to achieve their potential and defy limitations by providing wellness and education opportunities to undeserved communities.

Imagine a world where children are provided with the resources and opportunities necessary to become confident, self-reliant leaders who can take control of their families, and change their communities in a positive way.  This is happening folks, it is made possible by the foundation and here are some of the project partners.

NEPAL – A Nation in Desperate Need

In 2015, two major earthquakes in Nepal claimed nearly 9,000 lives and destroyed more than 900,000 homes, tragically leaving millions without a roof over their heads. After visiting Nepal in January 2016, Young Living Founder and Chairman of the Board D. Gary Young became overwhelmed with the devastation that still exists in a nation that is slowly recovering. Many victims are still struggling to survive as sub-zero temperatures and heavy rains render their makeshift shelters painfully inadequate.

112 Homes and Two Schools

After seeing and experiencing the desperate need for homes to be rebuilt, Gary and the Young Living Foundation immediately put a plan into action. In Yarsa, a mountain village completely destroyed by the earthquakes, the foundation is rebuilding 112 homes and two schools. In addition to rebuilding the primary school, we will also build the first-ever high school in the village so students will no longer have to walk two hours each way to go to a secondary school.

Empowering a Village, Strengthening a Community

To help us accomplish this and supply more than 50 jobs to unemployed locals, we’ve set up a brick-making plant in the area. Not only will the brick-making plant supply jobs to locals who are currently unemployed, it will also make use of an over-abundant local resource: mud. Gary has been spearheading the project and has traveled to Nepal multiple times to guide the construction efforts. We have also hired local construction workers and engineers and are using local equipment and materials where possible. More information can be seen here

THE YOUNG LIVING ACADEMY in Chongon, Gauyaquil, Ecuador

While living in Ecuador to discover and cultivate natural essential oils indigenous to the area, Young Living Founder and Chairman of the Board D. Gary Young noticed several children entering a run-down building in the small, rural town of Chongon. He passed the building nearly every day on the road to the Young Living Farm outside of Guayaquil. One day, he decided to take a look for himself. Inside he saw 42 first- through sixth-grade students crammed into one tiny room, forced to share limited supplies and sitting at broken tables while their volunteer teacher gave lessons on a damaged chalkboard.

Gary and his wife have a passion to serve so I am not surprised they took on a project to build a school and educate these children. Young Living Co-founder and CEO Mary Young wasted no time and went to work to give the children of Chongon the best schooling possible. It started with building a new, advanced school from the ground up. In 2009 the Young Living Academy opened its doors to 83 students. Word got out quickly and more students with dreams to succeed pleaded to join the academy. There was no way we could turn them away.

The Young Living Academy soon took in 100 students, then 150, then 200. It continues to grow and expand and now educates nearly 340 students in grades K–12. I sponsor a child out of my monthly “THANK YOU” check I receive from Young Living.  anyone can sponsor a child by contacting the Young Living Foundation.

They are continually adding space to the school in order to accommodate the increased number of children needing a good education. As a member you can request to be added to a work group that goes to the location in order to help build or remodel as needed. You can find out more here


The mission here is to end human trafficking and slavery, in our generation.

With more than 20 million slaves in the world—more than half of which are women and girls—human trafficking is one of the most devastating social issues of our time.

Hope for Justice uses the following four-tiered strategy to bring freedom to the least, the last, and the lost. In fact, more than 90 percent of victims who go through Hope for Justice’s restorative programs never return to trafficking—that’s the highest percentage among nonprofits battling modern-day slavery.

You can find out more about this project here


Enter Sole Hope. What started as an effort to remove jiggers has evolved into a holistic approach that provides medical care, relief, education, and jobs for people in Uganda. Through various initiatives and programs, Sole Hope uses real-world solutions to benefit as many people as possible.  The foundation provides clinics, durable shoes and education about jiggers to the people here.  They also provide ongoing support and an outreach house. Sole Hope offers hope, healthier lives, and freedom from foot-related diseases through education, jobs, and medical relief. One of the organization’s primary focuses is to help children and adults become and remain jigger free.

What are jiggers?

Jiggers are sand fleas that burrow into hands and feet. Once embedded, the female jigger lays eggs and creates egg sacks up to the size of a pea and continues to multiply by laying more eggs. Found in sub-Saharan climates, these parasitic insects lie relatively undetected on the dirt floors of homes and schools in Uganda. Children in Uganda are particularly vulnerable as they often play barefoot in the dirt.





The wounds can become so irritating and excruciating that normal childhood activities—such as walking, running, playing, and even attending school—can be significantly limited.  If you are interested in helping there is a pattern available which you can use to cur denim out of old used jeans.  If you are lucky enough to know how to sew and have a machine, feel free to sew up a few pair. You can host a shoe cutting party if you’d like.  Find out more about what you can do to help here



African Hearts operates a rescue program for children living in the Kisenyi slum.  This slum is considered the largest in Uganda and one of the biggest in all of the African Continent. The meals program has expanded from 3 to 5 days per week. Prior to this the children scavenged the trash heaps looking for food. The conditions here are not even something we as privileged Americans can imagine in a worst case scenario. Remember, your donations are so important and 100 percent of every dollar donated will help our partner African Hearts feed and educate children living on the streets in the Kisenyi slum in Kampala, Uganda.


STREET CHILDREN – Spread the word about street children and give them a voice by using the social media graphics below. To donate you can click here now


A person dies every 60 seconds from malaria in Africa. A majority of those deaths are children under the age of five. It’s a disease that far exceeds the death toll of HIV/AIDS. Since 2011, Healing Faith Uganda has been a champion in the fight against malaria in Eastern Uganda and we were thrilled to partner with them in 2015.

Healing Faith Uganda provides malaria education, prevention, and treatment to families and children. They focus on the smaller, more remote villages where families have limited access to aid and children are more susceptible to malaria.

With funds raised at the Young Living 2015 International Grand Convention, The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation was able to purchase over 4,000 mosquito nets for Healing Faith Uganda. The foundation and several members went on a humanitarian trip to Uganda to deliver the donation, and they were able to hang a net over every bed throughout the village of Wasaki!

In 2016, the foundation has helped Healing Faith increase its impact by 1,000 percent! They’ve gone from hanging 400 nets in a month to more than 4,000 a month thanks to the generous contributions of our donors.

Through Healing Faith Uganda, a single donation of just $5 provides a mosquito net that can protect three to four children from malaria.

To donate now you can go here


2017 brought about huge hurricanes in the gulf.  The Young Living Foundation has two ongoing disaster relief funds going for both Houston, Texas and the island of Puerto Rico.  If you would like to donate you can do so here