Northern Lights, Finca & Dalmatia

NORTHERN LIGHTS FARM is located in Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.  This is one of our corporate owned farms, located on the Alaska Highway. I really want to go to this farm and experience the Northern Lights, and distill some Northern Lights Black Spruce.  After extensive searching and research this property was purchased in 2014.  This is a main source for Black Spruce essential oil, which is used in many of the blends. This land remains free of synthetic chemicals or fertilizers.


This is a picture of the sky and the beautiful Northern Lights that occur during certain times of year.  It is something on my bucket list to see the display of Northern Lights one day.  I’m going to make a trip and at the same time make arrangements to visit the farm!


Another beautiful picture of the peaceful and serene surroundings at the farm in Fort Nelson, British Columbia.  Other oils that are produced at this farm are Ledum, Yarrow and White Spruce.


FINCA BOTANICA FARM is another corporate owned farm located in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  Here is 2000 acres of lush, rich soil located in a tropical climate.  A clinic is located here as well, at this clinic there is an opportunity to receive care for your body using natural essential oils.  Spa treatments, massage and more.

The Finca Botanica Farm in Guayaquil, Ecuador, has 2,000 acres of rich soil that provides year-round harvests and lush botanical life – all thanks to the tropical climate. The farm is proving to be the perfect place to harvest oils that are in short supply throughout the world, such as helichrysum. Building this farm and its state-of-the-art distillery started as a passion project for Gary Young.  The tropical climate helps to nurture the botanical life and the year-round harvests.

Oils produced at the distillery located onsite are Ylang Ylang, Palo Santo, Mastrante, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus Blue, Dorado Azul, Ocotea, Plectranthus Oregano, Rosa Muerta, Cardamon, Geranium, Hyssop, Ishpingo, Rosemary, Ruta, Thyme, Vetiver and the chocolate products.

Here’s a fun fact: Palo Santo essential oil comes from the dead fallen trees located at the farm. Most of the oil is found in the trunk and roots of the tree and they remain on the ground for 2-4 years before they are actually harvested. It’s possible to get an all expense paid trip to this farm for 2 if you reach the Platinum level within the Young Living company! There are several trips given for each rank attained beginning at Silver.

The D Gary Young Foundation has built a school at the farm.  Here children can attend all grade levels and receive a superior education. Graduates from the Young Living Academy are choosing to attend universities of higher education, which is something not many of the children in this area have an opportunity to do, especially the females.  This school is offering a lot for the families in this area of Ecuador.  Young Living is also providing jobs for the people at a good wage, helping to make the living there better for them.  The school was built entirely out of donations to the Young Living Foundation. All administration fees are paid for out of Young Living corporate.  You can also sponsor students with a portion of your Young Living Thank You check.  I sponsor a young girl myself.  I am happy to say I get a Thank You check every month from Young Living just for sharing what essential oils and oil infused products have done for my family and others.

DALMATIA AROMATIC FARM is a corporate owned property and distillery located in Split, Croatia

Dalmatia’s landscape reflects its deep cultural roots and makes an ideal home for the botanical helichrysum. That’s why this farm was founded with the intention of becoming a sustainable source for the popular Helichrysum oil, but the location has since continued to grow and cultivate even more botanicals.   Oils cultivated and distilled on sight at the distillery located at the farm are Helichrysum , Sage, Juniper and Bay Laurel. Those are some of my absolute favorites right there.

I have been to Croatia in the past and it was beautiful.  I intend to return once again and will include a visit to this farm as well when I go back. Fun fact: Did you know that Helichrysum loves to grow in rocky soil? This farm was discovered with the helichrysum plants already flourishing on the land, but needed a bit of care to get it up to par.  A distillery was also built at the location and it is flourishing today! Here is a picture of the helichrysum plant growing there.