Is Summer over?


Tuesday’s Tip

yl summer

Need a tip to end up the Summer?

I’m sitting here watching the Olympics and listening to the rain outside, for the 4th day in a row I might add, but my air conditioner is still running at a cool 76 degrees.  Why you might say? Because I live in the South and this happens often during the summer, yes it is still hot outside, yes I am still wearing shorts and sandals while I hear the thunder rolling in the distance.

Summer is definitely not over and it’s not too late to try some essential oil infused Lemon Tea or while you’re grilling outdoors, here is another great citrus marinade!  I might add that even though it is raining outside in the middle of August, I will still be firing up my BBQ well  into the month of November here in South Texas so it makes up for days like today.  I often cook my Thanksgiving turkey out on the BBQ because it’s way too hot to run my oven all day in late November.