Highlands Flat Tree Farm, Naples, Idaho

This farm located in Idaho is near and dear to my heart since I spent a week in 2015 working there.  It was such a life changing experience, I have not had such an experience since then.  It was January of 2015 that I along with 29 other members of the team I am under attended a week long work/learning adventure here.  We did it all, planned meals, cooked, cut trees, prepped product, cut trees, hauled trees with draft horses, distilled and even bottled and labeled our own 5 ml bottle of Idaho Balsam Fir.  Yep, right out of the tap at the distillery!

This farm is home to beautiful conifer trees from which essential oils derived from the great outdoors are produced.  It’s the location of the annual Winter Harvest and Spring Planting projects.  Members are allowed and even encouraged to participate firsthand in the Seed to Seal process.  This farm is in a rural, peaceful setting.  Here you can experience the thrill of working at the world’s first fully automated, state-of-the-art essential oils distillery.

Oils that come from this location are Idaho Blue Spruce, Idaho Balsam Fir, Pine, Idaho Ponderosa Pine and Western Red Cedar.

There is a team of draft horses here that help to bring trees in narrow areas where the trucks cannot get into.  It was a first time experience for me when they allowed us to use the team to bring trees up out of the forest.  I love horses and these horses are some of the biggest I’ve ever seen up close and personal.

I happened to be there during Winter Harvest, but I would love to go back at spring planting time to experience that part of the Seed to Seal process.  They have nice wood cabins, a full kitchen, shower and bathroom areas, laundry facilities and hot tubs onsite that use the floral waters from the distillery.  Nothing is better than sitting in a hot tub of Idaho Balsam Fir floral waters.  These waters are collected off of the steam chambers in the distillery, they smell great, and are so relaxing.