Culinary uses for essential oils


have you ever used essential oils while cooking?  I use them all the time, whenever I get the chance in fact.  It’s the WOW in my Lasagna and the POP! in my Cilantro Lime Brown Rice and many other recipes.  Here are some easy marinades from Young Living to get you started using them in the kitchen.



Have you ever cooked with essential oils??  Marinades are a quick and easy way to start trying them in your kitchen. here are 3 recipes from Young Living that are sure to please.

MediterraneanCitrus and a Honey Lime  of course when using essential oils for ingestion I can only recommend Young Living Essential oils because I know of their Seed to Seal Guarantee for purity,  their new culinary line called Vitality Oils is just what you will love.  This is their new labeling for the Vitality line and more are on the way!   I love that this company is always making strides to bring us the products that we so love and need.


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