CLEAN EATING CHALLENGE 2016 Want to join me an others?? I have started this already, but, try it Challengeout for December. Beginning Jan 1 2016 I will post this as a challenge to all who want to join in a EAT CLEAN IN 2016!

I will be posting recipes,easy, quick and some crock pot meals that you can make every day, as well as a weekly shopping list so you can prepare the week ahead.

DID YOU KNOW…… if you meal prepped and only went to the grocery store once per week and bought only what is on your list that you would save TONS by the end of one year!! Every time you go into the store, you buy things you did not go there for, things you don’t need, and things that are considered impulse purchases. Did you know that meal planning saves money??? 

In 2016 I challenge you to join me and others as we go on a clean eating challenge.  Cooking, shopping and learning together.  This is not a DIET, not a FAD, it is clean healthy living.  Consider it a lifestyle.  I guarantee together we will have fun, get healthier and some of us may find we are losing some of those unwanted pounds as well.  Come on and join me, I dare you to try.  Hey we all love our food right?  This is going to be foodie heaven, because these recipes are delicious!

This campaign is over, but, please feel free to go back and look for some of the great recipes featured each week, they are still  here!