Ginger Beef Stir Fry

I had a lot of people ask for this recipe. Well basically you add the veggies to your liking. I love bean sprouts, but a lot of people don’t. So leave them out I say!

The main thing is the sauce! I use about 1 Tbl Bragg Aminos. What the heck is that? Glad toy asked. It’s a substitute for soy sauce. All natural, non GMO, great if you are avoiding soy or sodium or both!

Here’s picture of the stuff I use. Anyhow, 1 Tbl each of Bragg Liquid Amino and Seasoned Rice Vinegar with garlic. I find Rice Vinegar in the Asian food section.

1 Tbl Seasoned Rice Vinegar w/garlic

1 Tbl Bragg Liquid Amino

1 Tbl chopped garlic

2 Tbl sliced fresh ginger

Use this as a basic start. Depending on how much meat you want to marinate. You can use beef, chicken, pork or shrimp. If there isn’t enough to cover it pretty decently you can double it.

TIP: I often slice left over roast or steak to make this. I marinate thinly sliced beef, I never really measure, its just whatever I have left.

Now this is what I throw in as the veggies:

Sliced celery

Sliced carrots

Sliced cabbage

Sliced onion

8 oz bean sprouts

I use sesame oil and a 12 inch wok. Heat the oil and throw in the meat with the marinade. This is why I like to use leftover cooked meat, about 30 seconds and it’s heated!

Toss in the veggies now and stir fry until the veggies are to your preference. Your Welcome!

TIP: Throw some crunchy wonton strips on top!