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From the Desk of Rosalie,

Things That Warm The Heart, La Vernia, Texas


Dear Friend,

If you want to skyrocket not only your current health–but your future for continued good health well–this will be the most important letter you’ll read all year.



Here’s why:

First, we’ve probably never met, so let me introduce myself before I go further.


My name’s Rosalie Lopez, and I’ve been using non-toxic plant based cleaners, supplements and other natural products for a few years now. I’m 58 and My husband is 70 and we do not presently take any over the counter drugs.  WE DON’T GET SICK! Believe it or not, but this is the honest truth!

But I wasn’t always like this. We had BRAIN FOG, EXHAUSTION, LOW LIBIDO, JOINT PAIN, HEADACHES, HAIR FALLING OUT, HORMONE IMBALANCE and DEPRESSION and other health issues at one point.  I found out the effects that TOXINS have on the body and instead of being sick, I found out we were suffering from SEVERE TOXICITY! 

TOXICITY was found in my handbag, in our home cleaning supplies, our food and personal products. Not anymore! Now we life free of those TOXINS and the effect it had on our good health.

Things can become so overwhelming and horrible that some people end up LOSING THEIR JOBS, GETTING DIVORCED or BOTH!


My clients are very lucky to also be experiencing a life of health and wellness, purpose, abundance and much more…


More on that in a second.


First…I have a few questions for you…


Are you sick? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you suffer from exhaustion and sleepless nights? Hormone changes and imbalance causing you to be moody, depressed, have a lack of libido and other sad conditions?


What if I could show you a simple way to get above the wellness line and stay there??


But First, A Warning!


Before we go further, let me make something crystal clear:


This information isn’t one of those “name it and claim it” healings, or a cure all.  But you won’t get better if you do nothing…


Here’s the cold hard truth…


You can continue declining in health.  Paying doctors co-pays and deductibles. Sitting and waiting in their offices for hours.  Then spend more of your time in line at the pharmacy, that’s going to cost you a lot of time and money out of your hard earned retirement savings.


If you ask me, I would much rather spend some time traveling, visit my kids, spend time with my grandkids or some other fun things with my time. I’d rather be waiting in line to rent a beach chair or a fishing pole.  An even better line would be a line to get on a plane or a cruise ship to some place I’ve never been.


Are you going to be happy spending your hard earned cash on Doctors, co-pays, deductibles and prescription drugs? One thing I can promise you is that healthcare is just going to continue to take more money out of your pocket book. How much did you put aside in your retirement for medical bills and medications? 


But I’m not suggesting that everyone (or anyone) who watches this video is going to step out and make a change.


I don’t know how much people who watch it will do to change things – it’s likely many or most of them will make little or no changes at all (especially if they don’t follow the easy steps, roll up their sleeves and do a bit of work towards remaining healthy).

With That Said,
Let Me Ask You…


First, do you know our environment is full of dangerous toxins making us sick every day? Do you know that our food supply has been grossly altered and poisoned as well, and causing major sickness and disease in our bodies to flourish?


Yep! Bad environment, food full of dangerous toxins that people don’t even know exists.



Do you know that almost everything you put onto your skin is also laden with TOXIC chemicals? Are you a candle junkie? Does the thought of making your home smell like Hawaiian Breezes or Spring Meadows make you all warm and fuzzy inside.


Better think again!


You deserve to know the truth, the entire UGLY TRUTH.


And here are a few easy ways to get it…

Ensure You Open My Emails and Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting I’ll Tell You In Advance…


I am going to send out a series of daily emails…..


These emails are going to actually list these TOXIC items and address the “DIRTY SECRETS”  step by step so you can get to know what is lurking within your handbags, the walls of your house and in your food……all the bad TOXINS that could possibly be the cause of how you feel. 


Make sure you look for those emails, check your junk folder too.  Don’t worry I am not going to turn into that weird SALESY lady.  EXACTLY  THE OPPOSITE, IN FACT… are going to WANT TO TALK TO ME!  Don’t worry I am going to give you the opportunity to do that.


If you decide to partner with me, you’ll get instant access to the latest recipes on how to eat, live and thrive TOXIC FREE in a TOXIC WORLD


Plus, you’ll also receive links to some delicious and easy dinner recipes even the most pickiest eater will die for…


I’ll give you tips and links to free apps that will help you quickly identify if the products you use are clean(not loaded with TOXINS) or not.  This way it will save you time not having to research every ingredient on the labels.


I’ll take you step by step through an entire house cleaning to rid your home of deadly TOXINS. Yep, we can go room by room if needed.


I’ll provide you with a chance to get a FREE STRATEGY SESSION with me on the phone when you are ready.  Together we can decide what the best step is for you and your family.  Together we will see if we are a good fit and if we would like to continue to work together. If you decide to work with me I HAVE A FREE GIFT I WANT TO GIVE YOU!


Once we decide to partner together, I can add you to FREE SUPPORT groups that are closed and secret, only open to members.  A place where you can discuss and share, get support and motivation from other like-minded people.

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