Chemical Free DIY Styling Gel

DIY Styling Gel

12 oz spray bottle (or larger)

2 tsp Epsom salt

1/4 tsp citric acid (I get mine on AMAZON)

20 drops Lemon essential oil (I get mine here)

16 drops Cedarwood essential oil (I get mine here)

30 drops Lavender essential oil (I get mine here)

20 drops Rosemary essential oil (I get mine here)***SEE NOTE BELOW***

8 drops Geranium essential oil

10 oz distilled water

2 oz cheap vodka or organic wheat grain alcohol (I get mine here) or 2 oz Witch Hazel (I personally like this one)


Combine citric acid and Epsom salt into spray bottle, add essential oils and let them absorb.  Now add the water and spirits and shake until all the salt and citric acid is dissolved.  Shake before each use and spray on wet hair before drying and styling.

***NOTE*** omit the Rosemary Oil if taking ACE inhibitors for high blood pressure